"You stay away from him!" Edge growled, glaring fiercely at the figure slumped against the wall. Thinking he had beaten acquiescence into his lover's stalker, he whirled around. He stopped briefly at the door, where his lover was waiting. "Are you ok baby?" he whispered, pulling the smaller blonde into his arms.

 Christian rolled his eyes. "He only tried to feel me up Edge. It's not like I'm really injured, although I will have to take about 10 baths to get the stench off me." He glanced at the fallen man, who had managed to push himself up the wall and back onto he feet. "Give me a moment, baby," he purred, wrapping his arms around Edge's neck and giving his lover a quick kiss.

 Edge glanced warily at the man, then back at his pretty lover. Christian just chuckled, removing himself from his lover's arms. "I'll be fine. I'm not helpless you know." Edge gave the man another suspicious glance, then turned and strode off.

 Christian slowly approached the man, who was just wiping away the trail of blood coming from his mouth. "Did you have fun with Edge, Jeff?" Christian cooed, running a finger down the younger Hardy's cheek.

 Jeff glared at him, slapping his hand away. "Your boyfriend won't be around every second to protect you," he hissed.

 Christian laughed. "Honey, do you think I need Edge to protect me? If I wanted to kick your ass myself, I would!"

 Jeff shook his head, his eyes narrow. "I can't believe he's so fucking gullible! The only reason he did what he did to me was because of your lies. As if I would ever want to touch a whore like you!"

 Christian rolled his eyes. "Edge does what I tell him to, ‘cos if he doesn't, then he doesn't get laid. He still would've kicked your ass if I'd told him you breathed on me funny!"

 "You whore." Jeff glared hatefully at the pretty blonde. "What would he say if he knew you were fucking Jericho, huh? How can you do that to them? To both of them. Chris is such a nice guy!" He was barely able to force down the tears which wanted to fill his eyes at the thought of Chris.

 Christian laughed. "Give me a break Jeff. The only reason you've got a beef with me is ‘cos you wanna fuck Jerky, but he won't give you a second glance ‘cos he's got someone so much better in his bed!"

 "He wouldn't want you if he knew the truth!" Jeff cried, unable to stop her eyes from brimming over with tears.

 "Spoken like a man I've never gone to bed with," Christian countered. He leaned in close to Jeff, his words malicious. "It's really a shame you don't have a chance with him. He's really quite incredible in bed. God what a hot body he's got!"

 "Shut up!" Jeff yelled, shoving Christian away from him. "Shut the fuck up! How - how can you talk that way about him? You just wait! When I get you alone, away from your blind bully of a boyfriend, you're gonna be sorry!"

 Christian just gazed at the Hardy for a moment, then his knee shot out, hitting Jeff right in the groin. As Jeff bent over in pain, Christian leaned in close to him, whispering in his ear. "Ask your balls if I'm a defenseless little weakling," he hissed. Leaving Jeff curled up against the wall, he flipped his golden hair over his shoulder and strode out of the room.

It was after midnight when a timid knocking came at Chris Jericho's door. He set down the magazine he was reading and went to answer it, his eyes widening when he saw who it was. "Oh my god, what happened?" he gasped, pulling a tearstained and heartbroken looking Christian into the room.

 "H-he did it again," Christian trembled, his eyes still watery. "He promised he wouldn't hit me anymore Chris, but - but he did! Today, in the locker room, J-Jeff tried to feel me up. I tried to stop him, but he wouldn't leave me alone! Then Edge came in and saw it, and he got so mad Chris, he scared me so bad! He beat Jeff up, and, when we got back to the hotel, he - he started yelling at me! He - he said that I was a slut and I wanted Jeff to do that to me, but I didn't! I never did! And then he called me a liar, and he hit me! He would've done more, but I ran! I - I didn't know where else to come - "

 "Don't you worry, it'll be ok," Chris whispered, pulling Christian over to the bed and pulling the younger man into his arms. "You're safe here, baby. I won't let him hurt you."

 "Please," Christian whispered, wrapping his arms tightly around Chris' neck. "Please don't let him hurt me! Please Chris."

 "Shh." Chris rubbed Christian's back soothingly. "It's ok Christian. It's ok baby." He mentally told himself that nothing was going to happen tonight. He was going to hold Christian, comfort him, but nothing more. He had let his physical desires take control of him too many times in the past, and tonight he would maintain control of himself. However, he couldn't help the bulge that began to develop at his groin. Christian was so close to him, and the smell of the pretty blonde was both intoxicating and erotic. Chris wasn't even sure how it happened, but before he knew it he was gazing into Christian's big, beautiful, enticing eyes; then their lips were meeting; then Christian's hand was snaking up his thigh and massaging the bulge between his legs. In what seemed to be a span of only seconds, he was wrapping his legs around the gorgeous blonde's waist, his clothes long since discarded. Then he was gasping in ecstacy, his hands clawing at the bedsheets as Christian thrust inside of him. He was screaming and moaning, coming in a flash of white hot ecstacy. Then he was drifting off the sleep, wrapped in the deceptively strong arms of his lover.

Christian lay in the dark for a few minutes, waiting until he was certain Chris was asleep. Then, he stood, gathering his clothes from the floor and dressing hastily. He scrawled out a brief note and set it on the pillow beside Chris, then made a hasty exit. He paused in the hall to run a hand through his hair, then strode quickly towards a room at the other end of the hall.

 When he entered, the room was dark, it's occupant already in bed. Christian grinned, stripping off his clothes and crawling onto the mattress. He just gazed at his lover for a moment, admiring the extreme beauty of Edge's features. There was no other man in the world who could compare to the tall blonde beauty, but Edge was the last person in the world who would believe that. Despite his looks, his confidence in himself was shockingly low. Not that anyone but Christian knew that, of course. In public, Edge played the strong, protective, masculine boyfriend, but in private, he was a gentle as a kitten, and wanted nothing more than to be loved.

 Christian smiled to himself, reflecting on how much he adored this golden beauty. He leaned down, nuzzling Edge's neck with his lips as his hand moved across his lover's sculpted chest. "Baby," he murmured.

 Edge stirred, opening his eyes a slit and gazing at Christian questioningly.

 Christian grinned, his eyes filled with desire. "I want you," he whispered, his lips moving over Edge's collar bone and up his jaw, his kisses growing increasingly passionate.

 "Again?" Edge gulped, closing his eyes and losing himself in the pleasurable sensation of his lover's kisses.

 "Yeah," Christian breathed, maneuvering himself on top of his gorgeous blonde lover. "You're so beautiful baby, I want you."

 Edge spread his legs with no argument, his long legs automatically wrapping around his lover's firm waist. He kept his eyes closed, enjoying the pleasant sensations as Christian's hand caressed his chest, his back, and his thighs. A little gasp escaped his lips as his lover slid into him, filling him to completeness, as always. More soft gasps and moans spilled from his lips as Christian began to move inside him. He reached up and grabbed hold of the headboard, holding on tightly as he bucked his hips to meet his lover's thrusts. His chest was heaving, his breath further stolen as his lips were captured in a passionate kiss, Christian's tongue instantly granted the access it demanded. He sucked gently on the slippery muscle, Christian's mouth blocking his cry of ecstacy as his pleasure saturated body tumbled over the edge, the tall blonde's orgasm sending a wave of incredible pleasure sweeping through him.

 Christian threw his head back as Edge's muscles tightened around them. He gave a choked moan as he came, releasing his essence inside his lover. The smaller blonde collapsed onto his lover's chest, taking a mere moment to catch his breath before rolling onto his back on the mattress. It was hardly a second before Edge was curling up to him, the tall blonde's arms wrapping around Christian's waist, his head finding the crook of Christian's neck and settling there.

 Christian smiled, affectionately ruffling Edge's hair. "Love you baby," he whispered, his arm snaking around his lover's waist.

 "Love you too," Edge whispered, his voice heavy with sleep. Christian just sighed happily and closed his eyes, the warmth of his lover helping his drift off to sleep.


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