The sensual, romantic beat of the slow dance gently drifted through the air, falling into the ears of the couple dancing in the middle of the floor. They had their arms wrapped around each other, one resting his head on the other's shoulder. As they slowly turned to the tune of the song, Jeff sighed happily, glancing up at Raven's beautiful face. Raven gave him a contented smile, rubbing his hand across Jeff's back affectionately. No words were needed between the two.

 As he danced with the man he loved, resting his cheek upon Raven's shoulder, Jeff thought about all the things pushing them apart. His friends, warning him about Raven's reputation. Trying to convince him all Raven wanted from him was sex. His brother, Matt, telling him he was too young to fall in love, and far too young to commit. Jeff smiled as his gaze passed over the silver engagement ring on his finger. He wore it with pride, because Raven had given it to him. It was a promise, and a vow. A vow that they would always love and trust one another, no matter what.

 There wasn't any sort of legal agreement between them, but as far as they were concerned, they were wed. They had exchanges vows of love, the strongest, most personal bond possible. It didn't matter to Jeff that it had only been three months. It was true love. It wasn't supposed to take a long time, you just looked in each other's eyes and you knew. That was exactly how he and Raven had felt, and neither had ever denied it. They knew they were meant to be together.

 It was true that Raven had a bad reputation; a heartbreaker, a slut. But never once had Jeff found any reason is distrust him. In their time together, never once had he seen Raven look at another man, and never once had Raven pressured him for anything. Their love went beyond sex, beyond anything physical; their love came from the deepest part of their souls, which, as far as either was concerned, were truly one.

 Raven was busy thinking as well as they danced across the room. The instant he had met Jeff, he knew his days as a playboy were over. Ever since he had looked into his love's beautiful, innocent green eyes, he knew. He just couldn't imagine being with anyone else, ever again. All his affairs in the past had been about sex, and sex alone. With Jeff, he didn't even care about that.

 He didn't care if all his friends made fun of him because he hadn't slept with Jeff. He didn't care if they called him whipped for holding Jeff's hand and telling him beautiful things. And he certainly didn't care if potential partners, no matter how attractive, went to look elsewhere. All that mattered was that he had found his angel, his soul mate, his true lover.

 Truth be told, he hadn't even thought of sex since he met Jeff. It might have seemed odd to him, had he not understood so well. Their love went beyond that. Their love extended into the very hearts of their souls, to a place so deep no physical desire could penetrate. They did plan to consummate their union, but in their own time, when they both felt in their hearts that it was right. Not that if mattered to either; just being in each other's arms enough. A mere touch, a whispered word, was all they needed to be completely fulfilled, contented, and happy. For they had found the truth.


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