Part 1

Matt Hardy sat on a bench in their locker room, his head in his hands. For the past six months, he had watched his brother spiral down, and down, and down. At first it had been a simple request: "I want her to join the group, Matt." It had seemed perfectly reasonable at the time, so he had agreed.

Then, Jeff had begun requesting seperate rooms, leaving Matt on his own to find a roommate. He had complained once to Jeff, and his brother had only sneered at him, telling him to move in with one of his boyfriends. That comment had struck a deep nerve in Matt. Jeff had never mocked his sexuality before, and the thought that his little brother didn't approve hurt more than anything Matt could imagine.

Matt sighed and rubbed his eyes. It had gotten far worse than that. Jeff had grown distant, always eager to run off to some club with her. Matt had a feeling Jeff had gotten into things he didn't even want to know about. As the situation got worse, so had the abuse. Jeff had started openly making fun of Matt, mocking him for not liking the fairer gender.

Earlier that night, everything had exploded. They had gotten into a huge fight, while she hung all over Jeff, egging him on the whole time. Jeff had told Matt to his face that he was just stupid, and that was why he had turned out as a fag. He also called him a slut and a whore, all the while sneering in contempt. Then he had marched off, laughing with her as if it were the funniest thing in the world.

Matt rubbed a hand across his eyes, which were swollen from crying. He couldn't believe his own brother, who used to be his best friend in the world, had said those things to him.


Matt looked up at the gentle voice. Adam was standing in the locker room door, looking at him curiously. The tall blonde gasped when Matt looked at him, revealing his puffy red eyes.

"Sweetheart, what happened?" Adam asked, moving to Matt's side in a flash. He sat on the bench next to Matt and pulled the distraught Hardy Boy against his chest, wrapping his arms around the smaller man protectively.

"I - I just can't believe he would - " Matt stuttered, pressing his face into Adam's warm shirt as the tears began to flow again.

"It's ok," Adam soothed, rubbing Matt's back gently. "Who, baby? What did he do?"

"Jeff," Matt gasped out in between sobs. "We got in a fight. He - he said that I'm just - just like this 'cos I'm stupid, and - and he called me - " Matt paused to swallow, sobs still wracking his body. "He called me a slut! He said I'm a - a cheap whore, just trash." Matt shook his head, still not wanting to believe those had been his brother's words. "He hates me!"

"No, sweetheart, I'm sure he doesn't hate you," Adam whispered, moving his hand up to stroke Matt's dark curls. "He's just confused. He'll come around, Matt."

Matt shook his head. "No he won't. He hates me. Why else would he say those things? They're not true, Adam!" Matt drew back slightly so he could look into the tall blonde's eyes. "I'm not a slut. I'm not! I haven't slept with a single person in the WWF, I haven't! I swear I haven't!"

"You don't have to convince me, Matt," Adam said gently, pulling Matt back into his arms. Matt rested his head against Adam's strong chest, still sniffling slightly. "I know you're nothing like that," Adam continued quietly. "You're a good man, Matt."

Matt shook his head again. "No I'm not. If I were, my brother wouldn't hate me!"

Adam sighed. "You just need to calm down and relax, ok? I'll drive you back to the hotel and draw you a nice hot bath, ok?" Matt sniffed, sitting quietly in Adam's arms, then nodded.

"Ok," he whispered, almost inaudibly.

"Good." Adam stood up, taking Matt with him. He looped his arms under the Hardy Boy's knees, letting Matt keep his face pressed against his chest. Matt wrapped his arms around Adam's neck as the tall blonde carried him out to the parking garage, still fighting tears.

Part 2

Matt relaxed as he sunk into the steaming hot bath. He traced idle patterns in the surface of the water as he let the tension drain out of his body. Matt jumped as a soft knock came on the bathroom door, his hand slapping the water. He blinked and wiped the water out of her eyes.

"Are you ok? I heard a splash," Adam called through the door.

"Um, yeah, I'm ok," Matt stuttered, turning a bit red. "You just startled me."

"Is it ok if I come in, or would you rather be alone?" Adam asked.

Matt smiled. "No, you can come in. I'd - I'd rather have you here with me." He glanced down at his chest, blushing slightly. Adam caught his blush as he entered the room. He pulled up a chair next to the tub, reaching out to gently stroke Matt's damp hair.

"How are you doing?" the tall blonde asked softly.

Matt sighed. "I'm ok. I really don't want to think about it right now."

Adam nodded understandingly. "Right. Just relax. You feel calmer now?"

"Much." Matt sunk a little further down in the relaxing water. He closed his eyes briefly, then opened them to slits to peer at Adam. "Why is it you always know what's best?"

Adam laughed. "I don't, but I'm glad I come across that way."

Matt chuckled, an impish grin coming across his face. "Well let's see how you deal with this!" he exclaimed, suddenly reaching out and pulling Adam into the tub with him. Adam's eyes widened with shock as he plummeted into the hot bath. He quickly leapt out of the tub, scowling as he looked down at his soaked clothes.

"Oh, thanks Matt!" he sputtered, snatching a towel off the rack on the door, "You got me all wet!"

Matt laughed, sinking down into the water again. "I have that effect on people." Adam rolled his eyes, pulling his chair out of Matt's reach and sitting down again. Matt glanced up at him, a concerned look on his face. "You're not mad, are you? It was just a joke."

Adam gave the Hardy Boy one of his patented killer smiles, flashing his perfect white teeth. "Nah, I'm fine. I can take a joke." He laughed. "When you're best friends with Jay Reso, you HAVE to be able to take a joke."

Matt raised his eyebrows. "Oh yeah. He's had a lot of good ones! Like the time he switched your deoderent with your shaving cream! Now that was funny!"

"I know it was." Adam glanced at his watch. "You know you're gonna be a prune if you stay in there much longer. It's getting pretty late, too."

"I'll be out in a sec." Matt closed his eyes again. "You can go if you want."

"Go? I was actually planning on staying here." Matt opened his eyes, surprised at Adam's statement. "If you don't want me to, though, I'll go," Adam said, looking a bit disappointed as he stood up.

"No!" Matt exclaimed, sitting up in the tub. He blushed, realizing how loud he had said that. He didn't want to seem desperate. "I'd like that, if you would stay. That would be really nice."

Adam gave him another bright smile. "Then I'll stay. Here." He pulled a towel down, holding it out for Matt. Matt stood up and wrapped it around his waist, stepping gingerly out of the tub. "I'll let you get dressed," Adam stated, exiting the room after he gave Matt another smile.

Matt's thoughts were jumbled as he dried himself off and dressed. He was trying hard not to think about Jeff, but he couldn't help it. Jeff's words to him felt like a thorn in his heart. He didn't want to lose his brother, but on the other hand, he didn't want to lose Adam. Matt gazed at the bathroom door, knowing Adam was waiting on the other side of it. Adam was sweet, and kind, and wonderful, and he had never asked Matt for anything in return except his company.

Matt swallowed, wondering if he could possibly choose between his brother and his potential lover. He certainly didn't want to, but Jeff seemed to be forcing the issue. Matt's thoughts abruptly returned to Adam as it struck him that he was in a hotel room, alone, with the charming Canadian. His mouth went dry, and he began to feel a little nervous, wondering if Adam really was there just to support him. They had been together for a while, and Adam had certainly put up with a lot from him. It would be perfectly fair of him to want their relationship to go to the next level.

Matt quickly ran a brush through his hair, again glancing nervously at the door. He didn't have any reason to stay in the bathroom. Taking a deep breath to compose himself, he opened the door and stepped out into the bedroom. Adam looked up from a chair, where he had been reading a magazine. "Ready for bed?" he asked casually.

"Yeah." Matt smiled at Adam, deciding that whatever happened, happened. He yawned and walked to his bed, pulling back the covers and climbing onto the mattress. Adam stood up and flipped off the room light, then walked over to the bed. Matt tried to keep his breathing even as Adam climbed into bed, facing Matt's back. He felt Adam's strong arms slide around his waist, holding him protectively.

"Night," Adam murmured, closing his eyes and relaxing under the soft covers. Matt waited a minute, but heard nothing more from the tall Canadian. Feeling both relieved and comforted, he turned around, resting his head against Adam's chest. Adam smiled and held him tighter, tenderly pressing a kiss to Matt's forehead as the smaller man cuddled up against him. Slowly, they both drifted off to sleep.

Part 3

The next evening, Matt was sitting in the locker room by himself. Adam had been with him, but he had left for his match a few minutes ago. Matt was waiting anxiously for him to get back. He didn't like being left alone, especially when it was likely he would have to see one of the peoplewho had upset him so much the previous day. Fortunately, he was in a singles match, so he wouldn't have to tag with Jeff that night, but he wasn't ready to face his brother after what he had said to him.

Matt heard the door open. He looked up, and his heart sank. Jeff was standing in the doorway, alone for once. His hands were on his hips, and he looked cross. "At last you're alone," the rainbow haired wrestler snapped. "I've been waiting all night to talk to you, but that bitch was just clinging to your side like a fucking leech."

Matt swallowed and stared at the floor. He didn't think he could take another fight with his brother. "Jeff, I don't think now is the best time," he whispered.

Jeff snorted, plopping onto the bench next to Matt. "Well it has to be now, unless you'll tell that pathetic bitch to get lost when he comes back."

Matt scowled, trying his best not to get angry. "I don't think you should talk that way about Adam," he replied, biting his tongue to stop himself from saying more.

Jeff rolled his eyes. "Yeah, æcos Adam's just a fucking saint, ain't he?" He leaned in closer to Matt, his eyes narrowed. "I bet he had a blast last night, after our fight, didn't he? Bet he used it to get you right into bed, huh?"

Matt stiffened. "No, actually, he didn't," he said through gritted teeth. "Adam was very sweet, and understanding, and he really comforted me. He was a perfect gentleman, for your information."

"Uh huh." Jeff leaned in a little closer, whispering almost directly in Matt's ear. "Don't be so stupid, Matt. Why don't you open your eyes? You're a man, you should know what a guy acting sweet and sensitive means. You think guys are naturally that way? Like hell. It doesn't matter if a guy's straight or a fag, there's still only one reason he's pretend to care about your feelings, and that's to get into your pants. All Adam wants is to get your legs apart, and you know it."

Matt had to bite his lip and take a deep breath to push his anger down. He could barely contain the urge to punch Jeff in the face, but he knew he couldn't do that. "That's not true," he whispered, almost inaudibly.

"It's not?" Matt glanced up briefly, instantly regretting it as he saw the sneer across his brothers face. "You should really wisen up to reality. All guys are like that! That's why it's stupid to be a fag. All your gonna get is to be used by some bitch like Adam."

Matt shook his head. "You don't know the first thing about Adam, or my relationship with him!" he shot at his brother. "He is not with me just to get laid! If he was, he would've been gone a long time ago. Besides, he's had plenty of opportunities, and never once has he even mentioned it!"

Jeff sighed. "You're so nave, Matt. So he wants to get in your pants enough to stick with you for a while. You just wait and see. Once he fucks you, he'll be gone. Or, if you start putting out regularly, he might stay with you for a while for the lay. But once you stop giving it to him, that'll be it."

Matt scowled, angry tears in his eyes. "You don't know anything about it, Jeff! Adam would never do that to me! Believe it or not, guys can be sensitive! Gay guys are known for it, as a matter of fact."

Jeff rolled his eyes again. "That's sensitive to women, not their lays. And, that's just a stereotype. In real life, guys wanna get laid, and that's it. You're just screwing yourself by being this way. You'll never find someone willing to stay with you without spreading your legs like a whore. And as soon as the sex gets just so-so, well there goes your man. Adam won't be any different than any other guy would be!"

"Jeff, I think you should leave." Both Hardys turned, seeing Adam standing in the doorway, an angry look on his face and his arms crossed over his chest.

Jeff smirked, crossing his arms. "Make me, fag."

Adam was clearly struggling hard to keep his temper in check, but he managed to keep himself under control. "Well we'll just have to leave then. Come on Matt." He walked over to the bench, picking up Matt's bag and holding his hand out to Matt. Matt took Adam's hand and followed as Adam walked to the door.

Jeff looked unperturbed. "Go easy tonight, whore!" he called after his brother. "We've got a tag match tomorrow, and I want you able to walk straight. Oh and use a condom, who knows where that bitch's been."

Adam wrapped his arm protectively around Matt's shoulders as he guided him away. He wanted to beat Jeff black and blue for what he had said to Matt, but he knew Matt didn't want that. He led the clearly upset Hardy Boy out to their car, knowing Matt was going to need another hot bath.

Part 4

Jeff leaned back against the lockers, smiling smugly. He tapped his foot on the floor impatiently, glancing down at his watch. A few minutes later, Amy bounced into the room. She glanced around, seeing that they were alone. "He gone?" she asked casually, taking a seat next to Jeff.

"Yep. Bitch came and took him away." Jeff sighed and shook his head. "I think that bitch is half the problem. He's got Matt convinced that he's with him because he cares about him or something. I just wish Matt would fuck him already so he would see what a liar the bitch is."

"What's with your brother, anyway?" Amy asked, leaning back against the lockers. "I know he's a whore, but why hasn't he slept with Adam?"

"Don't ask me." Jeff shrugged. "Probably satisfied from all the quickies he gets backstage. Adam probably hasn't played the right cards, either."

Amy thought about that as she dug for something in her bag. "You think maybe we should speed it up for them?"

Jeff eyed her curiously. "That would be good. The sooner I can get my brother on the right path, the better. How exactly could we speed it up?"

Amy grinned, pulling a small bottle of pills out of her bag and tossing it to him. "With these. They always loosen me up a lot." She giggled and raised her eyebrows. "That's how I ended up with that nasty fat guy that one night. 'Member? They REALLY loosen ya up."

Jeff chuckled. "Yeah, I remember that. You normally have better taste."

Amy shrugged. "I know. Most of the guys I do and at least somewhat hot. I say we slip some of this is their food or something. How 'bout it."

Jeff grinned at her, nodding in approval. "I do believe you've got something there! And after they fuck, I'm sure Adam will show his true colors."

"Of course he will." Amy pulled a small bag out of her bag, followed by a lighter. She took a small role of paper out of her bag, waving the end in the flame from the lighter to light it. She took a puff from the other end, then sighed contentedly and handed it to Jeff. Jeff took the joint eagerly, taking a long drag on it.

"Tonight?" Jeff questioned, closing his eyes as the drug began to take effect.

Amy nodded, already feeling rather giddy. "Why not? Let's get them to order something from room service or somethin', and we'll intercept it." She giggled, taking another puff. "This is gonna so rock! We should like set up a camera or somethin'. This would go for big bucks on the net."

"Absolutely not!" Jeff snatched the joint away from her and brought it to his lips. He breathed in deeply, then blew a bit of smoke out his lips. "I don't want the whole world knowing my brother's a fag!"

"I guess." Amy made a thoughtful face. "I'd like a tape, though. Gay sex is so hot. I love bringing myself off to it."

Jeff made a face. "Yuck."

Amy rolled her eyes. "Don't say yuck. You find it hot watchin' lesbians, don't cha?"

Jeff shrugged, taking another puff. "Sure, but that's different."

"Is not." Amy grabbed her joint back. "Is not and you know it." Jeff made a face at her, reaching for the joint again. Amy shook her head and held it out of his reach. "You can't have any more. You have to drive us back to the hotel."

Jeff scowled. "You drive! Come on." He reached for it again, but Amy pushed him away. "Nope, sorry. Come on, let's go." She stood up and strutted away, not waiting for Matt to follow. Jeff reluctantly followed, still scowling and muttering to himself.

Part 2

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