With Whom to Share
Rating: strong R
Content: graphic language, masturbation, m/m slash, voyeurism
Characters: CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, mention Elijah Burke
Summery: Punk’s found a buddy for the road
Note: Minor reference to the ficlet “Darn It!” in which Cody showed Punk a sexy pic of Lij to give him trouble with his trunks
Written 4/9/09

“Those fuckers are always trying to get me worked up!” Punk muttered as he dragged his bag into their room. “Where did they get that picture of Lijah, anyway?”

“It’s on his website,” Kofi replied, rolling his bag over to one of the beds. “You know Cody’s just jokin’, but the others want to get you bothered ‘cos they’re hopin’ to mess around with you.”

“Yeah.” Punk rolled his eyes, tossing the cover off the bed and plopping down on it. “Is it really so hard to believe that I’m faithful to my man?”

“You know how wrestlers are.” Kofi shrugged, removing his own cover and settling down on his bed.

“I do get horny.” Punk sighed, his fingers plucking at the bed sheet. “I tell you, when I get home I freakin’ rip Elijah’s clothes off. I can’t get enough of him. I just don’t *want* anyone else.” He groaned, stretching out as he licked his lips. “I should probably go take a shower and, you know, settle for what I got tonight.” He flashed a little smile to Kofi, who returned it. “You know how it is.”

“Yeah man.” Kofi nodded. “You ever try phone sex with your man?”

“Not really.” Punk made a face. “I usually just watch porn. Especially porn that I’ve watched at home with Lij, that usually works.” He sighed, his fingers creeping down his leg, poking at the rough denim of his jeans. “Man, that picture Cody keeps flashing really gets me hot,” he murmured. “Elijah’s body looks SO fucking good - I mean, he’s such a man.” His voice took on a lustful growl. “Those fucking pumped pecs - god I love licking them.” He sighed, his hand starting to sneak toward the zipper on his jeans, when he glanced over at Kofi, clearing his throat and dropping his hand back to the mattress. “Sorry. I should probably hit that shower.”

“You can stay here if you like.” Kofi shrugged. “Talking about it could help. I won’t disturb ya.”

Punk smiled a bit, gazing up at the ceiling. “You know what Elijah’s really good at?” he murmured. He flashed a little grin at his friend, then his gaze returned to the ceiling. “Blowjobs. He’s fucking amazing. I wish I could suck half as good as he can.” He sat up briefly to remove his shirt, then lay back down, his eyes again fixing on the ceiling. “God, I can’t wait to fuck his mouth next time I’m home. My favorite thing is when he takes his hair down so I can grab it. I love digging my fingers into it as I sink my cock into his mouth.” He groaned at the pressure these images were causing in his jeans. Glancing at Kofi, he saw that the Jamaican was watching him with interest, but showing no signs of leaving his own bed. Finding it a strange sort of turn on, Punk let one hand slide down to his groan, slowly unzipping his jeans.

“Lij has amazing lips,” he whispered huskily. “So full and sensual. They just wrap around you like a dream.” His fingers slipped between the sides of the open zipper, squeezing his cock through his boxers. “He does this amazing thing where he’ll close those lips around me and run the soft, smooth inside of his lips along my cock without getting me with his teeth. I don’t know how he does it.” He was breathing a bit heavily now, still rubbing his cock within his pants. “And he knows just how long to give me that, before opening wide and letting me pound his fucking mouth.”

“Yeah man,” Kofi murmured softly, watching as Punk delved into his boxers, pulling out his cock.

“God, I wanna fuck his mouth!” Punk groaned, spitting in his palm and starting to stroke his cock in earnest. “It’s so fucking hot, and wet, and fucking perfect.” He gasped, biting his lip before continuing. “And the best fucking part, is when I look down, and he looks up and meets my eyes, with my hands clenched in his hair and my cock buried in his mouth, and he fucking swallows and rubs his tongue against the base of my cock - fuck!” He groaned, throwing his head back as he spurted across his abdomen. He stroked his cock a few more times, then sagged against the mattress, breathing deeply. He closed his eyes, enjoying a deeper sense of satisfaction than he was usually able to achieve on his own.

When he opened his eyes, he found Kofi offering him a towel. “Thanks man,” he murmured, quickly wiping himself off and tucking his cock back into his boxers.

Kofi returned to his own bed, giving Punk a knowing smile. “You feel better now?” he queried.

“Yeah.” Punk took a deep breath. He glanced at Kofi a bit shyly, returning the Jamaican’s smile. “That wasn’t weird, right?”

“You know I’m very open about these things.” Kofi shrugged, looking perfectly comfortable. “You’re a good friend, you can talk to me about whatever you want.” He chuckled. “And that right there, I didn’t mind one bit.”

“I bet you didn’t.” Punk chuckled as well, scooting up to lean against the headboard. “Thanks, though. That was kinda hot.”

“Visualization is very powerful,” Kofi replied. “Especially when you say it out loud.”

“Yeah.” Punk grinned. “That works with me and Lij, too. He gets me so worked up whispering naughty stuff in my ear…” He licked his lips, fidgeting a bit on the bed. “Man, I’m still horny. Two years of fucking that man, and I still can’t get enough of him!”

“You can never have enough of love,” Kofi told him. “Would you ever want enough?”

“Hell no.” Punk rolled off the bed, unzipping his bag and pulling out his dvd case. “You wanna watch some porn? This usually helps sate me for a while when I can’t have Lij.”

“Sure man,” Kofi agreed. “You mind if I make comments, or you like to watch in quiet?”

“I like to do that too.” Punk snickered. “Lij puts up with it. I watched this one with him the other day.” He connected his little player to the tv, popping in a disk. “He was amazed that this guy’s dick could look so huge from that angle, and so miniscule from this one.”

“It does, doesn’t it?” Kofi rolled into his stomach, resting his chin on his hands as he settled in to watch the movie.

Punk settled on his own bed in much the same position, grabbing the remote to fast-forward through any ‘boring’ parts.


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