"You were so fabulous tonight."

 The Rock set down his book, his eyes moving to his lover, who was gazing at him with a rather playful look. "You liked it, baby?"

 "I so did." Christian perched up on the arm of the chair Rock was currently occupying, his fingers brushing over Rock's muscular shoulders. "You're always fabulous Rocky, you know that."

 "I'm sure you were wonderful too, baby," Rock murmured, catching Christian's hand in his and kissing it.

 Christian rolled his eyes. "Don't even go there. It was terrible, which is why I told you not to watch."

 "The Rock misses watching his baby on SmackDown," Rock cooed, laying a trail of kisses up to Christian's elbow.

 "Believe me, you don't want to see it," Christian told him. "It's bad enough I have to do it, I don't want you to see me that way. You can watch me again once this whole shitty angle is over, not one second before." He sighed deeply. "God I wish I was as big as you, then I could tell them to shove this angle up their asses!"

 Rock chuckled. "Not even I can do that, baby. I've seen what they've got in store for me, and it doesn't look so good. Just don't sweat it, baby. You gotta live with the good and the bad. Remember when I first started off? I was a grinning moron who everyone hated."

 "Aw, I always thought you were cute like that," Christian chuckled. "You could make anything work. Almost, anyway."

 "Just 'almost', huh?" Rock raised his eyebrows, wrapping his arms around Christian's waist and pulling the pretty blonde into his lap, tickling his merciless once he was there. Christian shrieked and laughed, trying to push his lover's hand away, but still grinning when he failed. After a moment Rocky ceased his attack, leaning down to meet Christian's sweet lips in a passionate kiss. "I love you," Rock whispered.

 Christian wrapped his arms around Rock's neck, smiling dreamily. "I love you too. Take me with you next time you go off to film a movie?"

 "I'd love to," Rock murmured. "I would if I could, babe."

 Christian pouted. "You know, if they let me do what I wanted in the ring, I could really kick some ass."

 "Oh yeah. What would you do?" Rocky questioned.

 Christian moved into a sitting position, grinning at Rock while he began to weave his tale. "Well, first thing, I'd be the one who came out to interrupt you tonight, not the bald eagle. You'd be going on, then suddenly everyone would hear 'Christian! Christian! At last you're on your own!' Then I'd come out, looking super hot in some cute clothes, crazy ass shades, and with my hair loose and not wet, all golden and spread out around my shoulders. I'd come down to the ring with a mic, and I'd say, 'Rocky'..."

 "Hold on a minute babe." Rock shifted, pushing Christian onto his feet, then standing up himself. He struck a pose much like he would in the ring, giving Christian a classic Rock 'interrupted' look. "Go on baby."

 Christian grinned, raising his hand and pretending to talk into a mic. "Rocky, I've been listening to you go on from the back, and I just had to come out here to put you out of your misery. See, you seem to be operating under the delusion that you have a shot in hell of winning the Undisputed title at Vengence in 10 days. Now I know you're used to playing with all your pretty little actor friends, who tell you 'Oh Rocky, you're so great', but wake up! You're back in the ring, and I sure as hell am not gonna be standing around telling you how fabulous you are. At Vengence, I'm gonna take that title from around Undertaker's waist, and if you get in my way all you're gonna get is hurt!"

 Rocky raised an eyebrow, raising his hand to his mouth like a microphone. "Who, in the blue HELL, do you think you are?" he challenged. "You think you can come out here and talk to the Rock that way, just because Vince decided to throw you into the Rock's match, 'in the interest of fairness'? You really think the Rock is afraid of a little bleach blonde valley girl? You mess with me, Brittany, and the Rocky will SO TOTALLY lay the smackdown on your candy ass!"

 Christian feigned a scowl, circling his opponent like he would in the ring. "First off, this is my natural hair color!" he exclaimed, grabbing a lock of his golden hair and shaking it at the Rock. "And secondly - " Christian broke off, suddenly dashing up to the Rock and laying a hard slap across his cheek. "See you at Vengence!" he shouted, rolling out of the "ring" and dashing away.

 Rock put his hand up to his face, wincing as he moved his jaw. "Damn, baby, that hurt!" he whined. "Did you really have to slap me?"

 Christian giggled, shrugging his strong shoulder. "Well that's what I would've done. You were the one who wanted to act it out, remember?"

 "Yeah, I know." Rock grinned. "You know you were fabulous. They really need to let you write your own speeches, babe. But how exactly did you get into the match at Vengence?"

 Christian shrugged, his smile huge. "Well if I can do a promo with you, I can get a shot at the title, can't I?"

 "Well, it's ok in my book," Rocky replied. "And tell you what baby, since I've had the title before, why don't I just lay down for you and let you have it."

 "No way." Christian crossed his arms over his chest. "I'm gonna beat the crap out of you, then knock you out and pin you. I don't need anyone to just lay down for me."

 "We-hell, if you're gonna be bitchy about it, maybe I won't lay down for you period." Rock crossed his arms, mirroring Christian's gesture.

 "Not even if I tell you how pretty you look?" Christian pouted.

 "Nope, not even then," Rock replied stubbornly.

 "Well fine, I guess I'll just have to go to bed by myself then," Christian huffed. He shot the Rock a look, then set down on the bed, slowly pulling his shirt off over his head. His ran his hands over his chest, pausing to stroke his nipples into hard little points.

 Rock bit his lip, his eyes moving over his lover's gorgeous body. "Well, uh, maybe I should rethink that one, huh?"

 "I think you should," Christian purred.

 "God you look so incredible," Rock breathed. "Can I be the bottom tonight, baby?"

 "Well, I don't know. What have you done to earn that?" Christian questioned.

 "Um, well you asked me not to watch your bits recently, and I haven't," Rock answered, looking hopefully at his lover. "Please?"

 "Oh, ok," Christian agreed, chuckling as his lover joined him on the bed. "You know you're the big guy here, aren't you supposed to be a total top or something?"

 "Nope, I prefer to bottom," Rock replied, pulling off his shirt, folding it up nicely, and placing it on the nightstand. "It feels better that way, especially with a man like you on top."

 "Well I like bottoming better too. Sometimes I wish you were a big top, that way I'd always get to bottom," Christian pouted.

 Rock gave him a knowing look. "Come on baby, you know you love getting to top me. Makes you feel powerful."

 Christian grinned, winking at his lover. "Well yeah, why do you think I do it? Not forgetting that you have a very fine backside, of course."

 "I'm glad you like it," Rock chuckled. He slid off his track pants, revealing only smooth, inviting flesh beneath.

 "You don't know the meaning of the word 'underwear', do you Rock?" Christian asked with amusement.

 "What's the point?" Rock slid under the covers, licking his lips as Christian pulled off his pants and briefs. "It's just another thing in the way of intimacy."

 "Yeah, I guess." Christian slid into bed next to his lover, taking the other man in his arms and kissing him softly. "I love you so much," he whispered softly as he rolled Rocky onto his back and propped himself gently on top.

 "And I love you more than anything," Rock whispered back. They shared another soft kiss as Christian reached up and turned off the light, setting the scene for a night of gentle lovemaking.


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