"You were awesome tonight." Christian grinned, watching as Edge brushed out his long, silky hair. The smaller blonde was sprawled comfortably across their hotel room bed, waiting eagerly for his partner to join him. "Not that the dufus you wrestled is much competition, but still, you kicked his ass."

 "I know," Edge smirked, setting his brush down and picking up his brand new IC title belt. He ran his fingers across it lovingly, caressing the polished gold. "Finally I'm getting the respect I deserve in the WWF!"

 Christian bit his lip as he watched his lover caress the title belt. "Babe, if you don't stop that, I'm gonna get jealous of that belt!" he exclaimed. He lay down on his back, shooting the taller blonde a seductive look. "Now come here and touch me like that, baby."

 "If you insist." Edge set the belt down, striding over to the bed. His eyes swept over Christian's perfect body as he pulled off his shirt, his fingers slipping open the button on his jeans and sliding them down his hips. He stood before Christian in just his leopard print thong, crossing his arms over his well defined chest. "Are you gonna get undressed, or are we gonna have sex through your clothes."

 "A fun as that sounds," Christian chuckled, "I'd prefer to take them off." A slight pout came over his face as he yanked off his shirt, his hands moving to unbuckle his belt. "It's not fair. How come you get to be a champion and I don't? I never even get a shot at any real titles."

 "Nevermind, babe," Edge cooed, more concerned with watching the fabric slide off Christian's long, attractive legs than really listening to him. "You know you're just as talented as I am; the bookers are just chumpstains. If they put you against a loser like I faced tonight, and he were a champion at the time, then you'd be one too. The only way dorkazoids like him ever win is by cheating. You and me, we can win on our own merits. The only way the Hardys and Storms of the world win is with interference and using weapons."

 "You're right." Christian tossed his pants onto the floor, still pouting. "But it's just not fair! I should really be a champion too."

 "I know it's not fair." Edge licked his lips, his eyes locked on Christian's skimpy beige thong. "You gonna take that off, baby?"

 "Maybe." Christian settled himself comfortably against the pillows, spreading his legs a bit. "Why don't you come take it off me?"

 Edge grinned one of his patented wicked smiles. "You got it babe." He settled between the other man's legs, licking his lips as his eyes surveyed Christian's creamy thighs and hips. "I'll make you forget all about those lousy bookers and cheaters," he murmured, lowering his head until his nose brushed against the growing bulge in his lover's thong. He moaned low in his throat at the sight, parting his lips and mouthing the golden blonde through the thin fabric.

 Christian groaned, sparks of electricity shooting through his body. "Oh Edge," he moaned, his hands gripping the sheets as his partner sucked on his through the fabric. "Oh baby," he panted, his breathing growing heavy. "Baby, take them off, please! I wanna feel you all around me."

 Edge raised his head for a moment to shoot his lover a heated look. "You got it baby." With his teeth, he gripped the hem of the thong, easing it down over Christian's skin. Christian raised his hips, letting the beautiful blonde pull the fabric off completely. Edge dragged the fabric down over Christian's silky legs, devouring every inch of bare skin with his eyes. When the small loop of fabric had passed the last inch of Christian's beautiful foot, Edge sat up, the material of the thong still clutched between his teeth.

 Christian moaned at the sight, all the blood in his body seeming the rush to his groin. "You are so fucking sexy," he hissed, arching his hips pleadingly. "Now drop that and get that pretty mouth on me!" Edge obeyed, jerking his head and tossing the thong onto the ground, his golden mane flying like that of a lion. He quickly lowered his head, taking the tip of Christian's member into his mouth. "Oh yeah." Christian felt pleasure ripple through him as Edge went down on him, arching his hips up into his partner's hot, wet mouth. "Baby," he panted, barely able to get the words out. "Need...more. Swing those pretty hips over here!"

 Without ceasing his delicious suction for one moment, Edge swing his legs over Christian's head, giving the smaller man access to his lower regions. Christian tore off the leopard print thong and threw it onto the floor, feeling frantic to fill his mouth with his lover. He immediately sunk the other man's length down his throat, moaning at the way the silky flesh rubbed against his muscles. He placed his hands firmly on Edge's slim hips, using his grip to pull himself up and down on his lover's rock hard shaft. His eyes rolled back in his head, the pleasure from both Edge's and his own efforts making him feel a little dizzy. There was nothing that felt more right to him than the feeling of Edge's shaft sliding in and out of his mouth. He loved the taste and the feel of the silky member, not the mention to beautiful noises Edge made whenever he sucked him off.

 After a moment he had to pull back, the pleasure getting almost too intense. "Baby...stop," he panted, pushing Edge's mouth away from him. He collapsed back against the pillows, taking a moment to catch his breath. "I don't wanna come yet, baby," he growled, meeting Edge's lust filled eyes. "Not til our bodies are locked together in the heat of passion."

 Edge shivered and nodded, his breath heavy with anticipation. Christian took a deep breath, then slid his hands up Edge's thighs, his eyes gleaming. "Just relax for a minute and enjoy, baby." His hand slid teasingly around the other man's member, barely brushing against the tender skin. Edge whimpered, closing his eyes and making his body relax. He bit his lips to keep from begging his partner to touch him. Christian's fingers continued exploring the other man's skin, trailing back to caress the globes of his ass. His hands lingered over the soft surface for a moment before gently spreading the globes apart and lifting his head to nuzzle between them. Edge gasped as Christian's experienced tongue brushed against his entrance. He consciously relaxed himself, moaning as Christian licked teasingly around the small opening.

 "Baby, please," the bigger man managed to gasp, his body tingling with anticipation. He cried out in please of Christian's silky tongue finally slid into him, the penetration sending shocks of pleasure throughout his body. "Oh god," he moaned, his body shivering and twitching as the warm wetness explored him. "Oh Christian...oh baby...oh god...I...I need you now! Please!"

 Christian pulled back, making his lover groan as the lovely heat filling him retreated. "Wanna ride me, baby?" Christian asked as he reached for the lube, quickly slicking his shaft.

 Edge nodded emphatically, hastily positioning himself over Christian's join and spreading his legs open wide. He braced his hands on Christian's firm chest as he lowered himself, his thighs quivering as the head of Christian's shaft penetrated him. "Oh god," he moaned, his head thrashing around as he sunk lower. "So big...oh god Chrissy! Oh!"

 "Like that baby?" Christian gasped, his hands clutching the bed sheets as his member was enveloped in a tight heat even more wonderful than Edge's sweet mouth. The anticipation alone was almost enough to send the golden blonde over the edge as his lover came to a stop, Christian's length buried completely in his body.

 "Oh god!" Edge tossed his head back, his breath coming in choked gasps. "You seem bigger everything you're inside me, baby. And you always feel better. You're so good." He threw his head back, crying out in pleasure as Christian unexpectedly jerked his hips and thrust into him, hitting his sweet spot on the first try. He braced both knees on the mattress, working himself up and down on his lover while Christian's thrust into him ferociously. Both were panting harshly, neither able to summon enough breath to do more than moan. Edge's head was thrashing around wildly, his hips arching frantically as his pleasure grew more intense with every thrust.

 "C...Chris...Chris...CHRISTIANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Edge screamed as his climax crashed against him like a title wave. His body shook in ecstasy as his orgasm tore through him, his pleasure only heightened when Christian came with a small moan and a strong thrust of his hips.

 As their incredibly intense orgasms receded, Edge collapsed against his lover, resting his head on Christian's sweaty chest. He didn't bother moving his hips, loving the feel of Christian's length still buried deep inside him. Christian just breathed deeply for a few minutes, his arms curling around his lover's back and holding him tight. "I love you," the exhausted golden blonde whispered.

 Edge snuggled against Christian's chest, a contented smile on his lips. "I love you too," he whispered back. "To me, babe, you're always a champion. You're my champion." Christian just sighed contentedly, holding close the man he loved.


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