Awoken Again
Rating: PG13
Content: m/m slash
Characters: Elijah Burke, Kofi Kingston, mention CM Punk
Summery: Kofi visits Elijah to cheer him up, and something unexpected flairs between them
Note: Beginning of the Punk/Lij/Kofi saga of the Punk/Lij Universe
Note II: Takes place October 2009
Note III: Inspired by Elijah’s tweets about gaming with Kofi while recovering from a minor surgery
Written 11/19/10

“Ha, third in a row!” Elijah dropped the game controller in his lap, throwing his arms up in the air. “Victory!”

Kofi clicked his tongue, tossing his controller down with a frown. “Whatever, I’m letting you win.”

“Yeah right, you just don’t wanna admit I’m whoopin’ you!” Elijah challenged.

“I’m on the final level of this game!” Kofi claimed.

“Doesn’t mean the computer’s got my mad skills.” Elijah did a little victory dance in place.

“I’m taking it easy on you since you’re convalescing,” Kofi stated.

Elijah rolled his eyes. “It was a minor surgery,” he reminded his friend. “I’m healing fine. I just hope those doctors don’t wanna cut me open again.”

“You’ll be fine.” Kofi patted Elijah’s knee reassuringly.

Elijah nodded, smiling at the handsome African. “Seriously, through, thanks for coming to cheer me up. Nothing like whoopin’ someone at their own game to make a guy feel better!”

“I WAS letting you win,” Kofi insisted. “One more round.” He reached for his controller, at the same time Elijah mistakenly reached for it. Their heads came close together, nearly colliding, some force seeming to take possession of them for just a moment, guiding their lips together.

Kofi jerked back, Elijah left leaning forward, staring at him. Kofi tried to swallow his horror, but he was sure it was written across his face. “Oh my god. Man, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean - ” His words trailed off, his mind still trying to comprehend what just took place.

Elijah was equally stunned, his tongue seeming frozen in his mouth.

Kofi quickly stood, gathering up the game controllers and setting them on his game console, bending to unhook it. “I should go.”

“Kofi.” Elijah’s tongue had finally unthawed. He stood, guiding his tense friend back to a seat on the couch. “Don’t run off,” he asked softly.

Kofi was staring at his lap, looking ashamed. “I’m so sorry,” he repeated. “I know that you and Punk…I mean, you’re my best friends, I would never, ever…” He swallowed hard. “I’ve traveled with Punk, I’ve held the titles with him, and I’m over here all the time to see you when I’m home…” He shook his head, his braids falling in his eyes. “Let’s just pretend this never happened,” he pleaded.

Elijah was quiet for a moment, then his hands snaked out, trapping Kofi’s hands in his warm grasp. “You know I can’t do that,” he said softly. “I tell Punk everything.”

“God.” Kofi was looking anywhere but at Elijah. “Please.”

“Punk and I really do talk about everything,” Elijah continued. “Even, other guys that we look at.”

Kofi finally looked at him, his eyes wide. “Do you - with other guys?”

“We did once,” Elijah admitted. “There was a guy we were both attracted to, and we did spend a night with him. I know you’re my friend, and it might be weird, but - I’m really into you.” Elijah gazed at Kofi with sincere and nervous eyes.

Kofi’s mouth felt dry. “I - I can’t get between you,” he stuttered. “You love each other so much.”

“That’s the thing.” Elijah squeezed Kofi’s hands. “Punk’s really into you too.”

Kofi looked at his lap again, too overwhelmed to meet Elijah’s gaze any longer. He was quiet for a moment, his thoughts spinning in his head. “I don’t know,” he whispered, not even sure what exactly they were talking about. “Can we do that?”

“Punk and I have said, if there was another guy again, it could be you,” Elijah told him softly. “We never said anything, ‘cos we didn’t know if you were interested.”

Kofi nodded, taking a deep breath to try and calm his racing heart. He had never considered something like this, because he never thought it would be possible. “In another life, I could see myself being together with either of you,” he whispered. “I - I’ve never been in a - I don’t know how it works.”

“We don’t have to jump right in,” Elijah told him soothingly. “It was our first time, when we did it last year. We hung out with him for weeks before hand, making sure that we had that physical connection, that we actually wanted to go through with it. And it was amazing.” He took a deep breath. “If I’m freaking you out, just tell me to stop. There are lots of guys I’m attracted to who I’m not gonna sleep with, I would never wanna lose your friendship.”

Kofi needed a moment, staring at the floor, taking deep breaths. His heart was still thudding in his chest, but he rallied his courage, turning to look at Elijah. Then he leaned forward, their hands still clasped, and slowly claimed Elijah’s lips. They kissed tenderly for a few minutes, their hands the only other connection between their bodies.

Kofi sat back against the couch cushions, drawing in another deep breath. “You sure this won’t get between you and Punk?” he pressed. “And that he’ll be ok with it?”

“Punk is very into you,” Elijah assured him. “Remember a couple months ago, when you watched him?”

Kofi was thankful that his skin was too dark to show the heat in his cheeks. “Yeah,” he murmured, remembering that night when he had watched Punk pleasure himself. “He told you about that?”

“Of course.” Elijah squeezed his hands again. “Punk’ll be home tomorrow. I don’t wanna rush into anything, but what say we hang out, with the possibility open?”

“Yeah.” Kofi bit his lip, his heart still beating rapidly. “This is crazy, but, yeah.” He squeezed Elijah’s hand in return, then pulled his hands away. “For now, how ‘bout another round?” He fetched the controllers, wanting to dissipate the sexual tension between them. He was feeling nervous, and incredibly excited at the same time.

Continued in: Getting Closer


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