Getting Closer
Rating: PG13
Content: m/m slash
Characters: CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, mention Elijah Burke, Randy Orton
Summery: Punk & Kofi grow closer, and discuss some interesting possibilities
Note: 2nd part of the Punk/Lij/Kofi saga of the Punk/Lij Universe, follows “Awoken Again”
Note II: Takes place late November/early December 09, during the Randy/Kofi feud
Written 2/23/11 (tech 2/24/11)

“You know what’s funny?”

Punk and Kofi were curled up rather intimately on the couch, the two spending a day off together while Elijah was away at a TNA house show.

“What?” Punk murmured, rubbing his cheek contentedly against Kofi’s chest.

“I think Randy Orton’s flirting with me.” Kofi was frowning slightly, his fingers playing with a lock of Punk’s dark hair.

“Seriously?” Punk sat up, meeting Kofi’s gaze. “Does he even consider guys outside the Baby Oil Boy’s Club?”

“I didn’t think so.” Kofi shrugged. “I mean, he’ll fuck anything with an ass, but flirting, that’s really unlike him. It’s been pretty subtle, too. Maybe I’m just reading the signs wrong.”

“You have been having a pretty intense feud,” Punk pointed out. “Guys do like to carry a feud with ‘umph’ into some ‘ohhhhhh’ in the bedroom.”

“Come on.” Kofi drummed his fingers lightly on Punk’s back. “Randy’d just ask me to fuck if he wanted that. And I’d say no.”

“Maybe he knows that, and he’s trying to be sneaky,” Punk suggested. “He thinks he can seduce you by pretending to be sweet.”

“I don’t know if Orton’s got that in him.” Kofi chewed his lip thoughtfully. “You think I should do anything about it?”

“I think I’d chill, see how it plays out,” Punk advised. “Would you be interested?”

“What, in dating Randy Orton?” Kofi snorted. “Are you kidding? Has he ever even been in a relationship?”

“Pre-Evolution, maybe.” Punk shrugged. “Just don’t let him catch you naked in the shower.”

“I can promise you that!” Kofi smiled, pulling Punk back down against his chest. “I’ve really been liking this time with you and Lij. Really, really liking it.”

“I’m glad.” Punk flicked his lip ring with his tongue, his hand trailing along Kofi’s side. “Fate’s funny, huh? You meet an amazing guy, and fall totally in love, then you meet another guy you could see yourself with. Never thought I was lucky before.”

“You got Lij, you are definitely lucky,” Kofi assured him, stroking Punk’s long, soft hair. “And he is too,” he added. Punk just sighed happily, closing his eyes and relaxing against Kofi’s chest. Kofi continued to stroke his hair, musing on what, exactly, he was doing here. He was great friends with both men, and in the past, it had secretly crossed his mind that, in another life, he could see himself with either of them. When he and Elijah had accidentally kissed, and he found out that the interest was mutual, it had opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

It was very unconventional, what they were doing; they had been spending time together, although it was hard to get the three of them in one place, what with three difference sets of travel dates. Mostly he had hung out with either Punk or Elijah at their home in Florida, not far from where he lived. Things had been wonderful so far; they mostly cuddled, sometimes kissed. He had watched Punk give Elijah a blow job, and vise versa, and they had watched him pleasure himself. The kissing had grown hotter after that, and hands had begun to wander further, but there was still no direct contact. He knew at this point that he wanted it, and he was positive that Punk and Elijah did as well.


“Yep?” the straight edge star replied sleepily.

“I think I’m almost ready.”

Kofi’s words made Punk sit up again, a huge smile on his face. “You think?”

“Yeah.” Kofi couldn’t resist reaching out to fondle a lock of Punk’s soft hair. “Maybe next week, when we’re all here again. But you gotta go easy on me, I’ve never been in a threesome.”

“We’re not experts,” Punk pointed out, leaning back against the couch cushions so he could meet Kofi’s gaze. “It was just those two times, with Brian. But it was pretty amazing.”

“Yeah?” Kofi licked his lips. “Two guys, touching you at the same time – that must be pretty overwhelming.”

“It’s a multitasking challenge.” Punk grinned impishly. “Elijah’s gonna be thrilled. No pressure though, seriously. I know this is kinda weird.”

“Hey, I’m an African from Boston who faked a Jamaican accent for a couple years,” Kofi chuckled. “I can do weird. But - ” He paused, swallowing hard. “But if – or, maybe, when – this happens, it’s not gonna be a one-shot deal, is it? Should it be?”

“I think we should do what feels natural,” Punk murmured in response, leaning in to ghost his lips across Kofi’s.

“I don’t wanna get between you and Lij.” Kofi repeated a sentiment he had expressed many times.

“You’re not,” Punk assured him. “Lij and I are solid.”

Kofi nodded, not wanting to dig too deeply into the issue at the moment. While he did have his worries about where this could go, right now he wanted to just relax, enjoy, and see where this wave carried him.

Continued in: Visiting Passion


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