Val looked up as he heard the door open, a broody look on his face. His lover entered quietly, removing his boots and dropping them on the floor. Val set down his book, running a hand through his short, blonde tinted hair. It was quiet for a moment. "You did it?" Val whispered.


 Val sighed, scowling off into space. "Why not me?" he asked again. "I love you. You say you love me. Why him?"

 His lover knelt beside him, taking his hand and squeezing it reassuringly. "I do love you, baby. You're just not suited for it. It doesn't mean I love you any less, and it certainly doesn't mean we won't stay together, baby."

 Val shook his head slowly. "I just don't get it." The hurt was obvious in his voice.

 His lover gave him a loving smile, keeping a firm grip on his hand. "Like you've never done anything I didn't like? I wasn't too thrilled when you cut your hair, you know."

 Val chuckled. His lover always knew the right thing to say to cheer him up. Val ran his thumb over the back of his lover's hand, smiling slightly. "So I suppose you'll be going to bed now?" he inquired. It was still early morning, but they had a show that night and he knew his lover liked to be well rested.

 "Yeah, soon," his lover replied. His beautiful face took on a rather seductive look, and he raised a graceful eyebrow. "I do have some time, though, if you'd like to come to bed with me for a little while."

 Val grinned, feeling overwhelmingly happy at the prospect. "Really? Even though you were with - him - last night?"

 "Yes, baby," Val's lover replied, giving the RTC member a bright smile filled with love. "I love you. I love being with you."

 "I love being with you too." Val wrapped his arms around his lover's neck, and they shared a tender kiss.

 "Come on then." His lover took his hand and let him to the bed. They slowly undressed each other, delighting in the sensual touches and whispered words of love. Their love making was tender, as always, but at the same time passionate and overflowing with love. They made love until both men felt completely satisfied, then the one offered Val his neck. Val used his sharp fingernail to make a shallow cut it his lover's neck, wrapping his lips around the wound and drinking deeply of his lover's sweet blood. He never took much, as drinking a large amount would make his body sick. However, the tiny bit flowing over his tongue felt like heaven.

 When he had taken his fill, Val drew back, pressing a gentle kiss to his lover's lips. When he drew back, he saw that the cut had healed already. He smiled, his body feeling completely at peace. The foreign blood now coursing through his body brought his mind as close to his lover's as his body had been while they made love.

 His lover smiled understandingly. "Do you want me to hold you for a while and *talk*?" he whispered.

 Val nodded emphatically. He settled into his lover's arms, his lover wrapping an arm around his waist. They closed their eyes, and their minds began to intertwine in a dance even more intimate and incredible than even the height of their physical love making.


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