"Sweetheart, wake up."

 Dave awoke to a gentle voice whispering in his ear. His responded to the lips meeting his without thinking about it. He opened his eyes slowly, and the previous night came back to him. Realizing what had happened, he pushed the man away from him. "Don't," he requested.

 The man smiled, perching on the side of the bed. "Darling, you'll be seeing me a lot in the evening. You really need to wake up in a better mood. I brought you these." He reached onto the bedside table and picked up a large bouquet of red roses, pulling one out of the bundle and dusting the pedals across Dave's bare chest.

 "Look, last night was a mistake, ok? I have a girlfriend!" Dave told the man he's made love to the previous night.

 "No mistake, darling. It's meant to be, you and I. Forever."

 Dave stared at him. "You're insane! Did you plan this? Where did you get those flowers first thing in the morning?"

 His mysterious lover chuckled. "It may be our customary rising hour, but it's not morning, Dave."

 "What?" Dave glanced at the clock, his eyes going wide when he saw it was well past 10 pm. "I slept all day?!?"

 "Of course you did. You needed to regain your strength, and give your body time to adjust," his lover replied. "Shh, love, I know you're confused," he said sympathetically, holding a finger up to Dave's lips. "We're all confused, at first. You'll understand soon. See, I've brought you this." He reached onto the bedstand again and held up a thermos.

 Dave looked confused. "What? What are you talking about?" He found himself silenced by a pair of full lips covering his, and he couldn't help returning the kiss. It just felt right to him.

 His lover smiled and unscrewed the cap of the thermos, pouring a bit of the liquid inside into it. He help it out to Dave, who took the makeshift cup. "Drink, darling," the man purred, his eyes shining. Dave looked down into the cup and gasped. "B-but this is blood!" he exclaimed.

 "Yes, and fresh," his lover replied. "It's pig's blood; human is too rich for your first feeding."

 "But I'm not really a vam - " Dave objected, cut off when the man's hand covered his mouth.

 "We mustn't name ourselves, love," the man whispered. "You must drink and gain strength. Tomorrow, I'll take you to Val, and tell you everything."

 "Val?" Dave asked. "What does he have to do with this?"

 The man ran a hand down Dave's cheek, smiling contentedly. "He is part of me, my love. And you're the other part."

 "But I still don't - "

 "Love, if you wait any longer, your meal will grow cold," the man cooed softly. "You'll understand soon."

 Dave swallowed, then nodded. He was enchanted by his lover's eyes. Slowly, he raised the cup to his lips and drank of the dark fluid. It slid down his throat like pure ecstacy in liquid form. He drank the whole cup down, gasping for breath as his lowered the cup. The taste was incredible. The man gave him a devastating smile and took his hand as he poured him another cup. As Dave put the cup to his lips, all the while peering into those lovely eyes, he knew his lover was right.


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