"Oh Matt."

 "Oh Jeff. Oh god Jeff!"

 "Matt. Oh god. Matt!"

 Lita sat in the locker room, wishing she had brought earplugs with her. The second they had walked through the door of their locker room, the Hardy brothers had been all over each other. They had immediately stripped and headed for the shower, and from the noises they were making, it was all too obvious what they were doing.

 Lita gritted her teeth, hurriedly changing and packing her back. Every night since the brothers had begun to quarrel on screen it had been like this. The two of them could never keep their hands off each other, sometimes even having sex right out in the locker room, as if she wasn't even there. Although she hated to admit it, she had actually been secretly hoping that their on screen feud might cause a few problem in their relationship, at least enough that she wouldn't have to witness their constant groping and kissing. But, instead, it seemed to make their desire for each other all the greater. She didn't understand how they could get so turned on from yelling at each other in front of the camera, but for some reason, they did.

 "Jeff! Oh yes, yes! Right there baby! Oh god like that! Yes!"

 Lita sighed, wondering if a ride back to the hotel was worth enduring this. She had to admit, the first time she had seen the brothers today, she had found it sexy. However, after more than a year of having to put up with two incredibly horny and shameless Hardys, she was sick of it. She found herself wishing that she had never been banned from the women's locker room, and thus forced to share with the other two members of Team Xtreme.

 "Stupid Bitch Stratus," she muttered to herself. "Like I MEANT to pull off her little push-up bra! She's the one who left her damn bag on the floor for me to trip over!" She chuckled a little when she recalled the spectacle that had resulted from her moment of clumsiness, which had involved the current women's champion running around the locker room, topless, screaming bloody murder and accusing her of sexual harassment.

 She was started out of her memories by the door to the shower opening, two wet and tired looking Hardys emerging. They settled onto the room's leather couch, Matt cuddling up in Jeff's lap, laying his dark head on his brother's shoulder.

 "I love you," Jeff cooed, stroking Matt's dark curls.

 "I love you more," Matt replied, his voice the same tone as that a person would use to talk to a baby. He let his lips nuzzle against Jeff's neck.

 "No, I love you more," Jeff replied in the same tone of voice.

 Matt looked up at him and smiled dreamily. "I love you because you're so beautiful," he whispered.

 "Matt, baby, you are the most beautiful creature in the word," Jeff breathed in return.

 Feeling about the spontaneously combust from the sickeningly sweet spectacle, one which she had to witness every since night, Lita stood, stomping over to the door. "I'll get a ride from someone," she informed the boys, who were busy rubbing noses and whispering to each other. "Don't bother waiting for me!"

 Both brothers looked up as the door slammed shut behind her. "What's up with her?" Matt asked.

 Jeff chuckled. "Probably jealous ‘cos you're so much prettier than her!"

 Matt blushed. "I'm not that pretty."

 "Oh yes you are." Jeff grinned. "You are the prettiest man in all the world, and you're mine! You're my baby."

 Matt grinned, cuddling up to Jeff even more. "I love being your baby," he whispered.

 "And I love you being my baby," Jeff cooed, holding Matt tightly against him while he whispered in his ear.

 So the Hardys continued to cuddle, while Lita found a ride home, and felt glad that she was nowhere near them for once.


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