Duel Fics:
Cute & Hot
Rating: PG13
Content: m/m slash
Characters: Kaz, Eric Young, Miz, John Morrison, Bobby Roode
Summery: Crushes and attention seeking
Note: 50 word a day challenge (continued for 2 weeks, 10 episodes)

“You’re cute.”

Eric Young blushed. “You don’t have to say that.”

“But you are.” Kaz grinned. “And you’re super.”

“I do like being super.” Eric smiled down at the mask in his lap. He jumped when Kaz put a finger under his chin, gently guiding their lips to each other.

“I think he’s hot.” John was watching Impact attentively.

Miz rolled his eyes. He put a hand on John’s shoulder, hoping for some attention. “There are some hot guys here.”

“Yeah, but I see them every day.” John sighed, tracing his fingers over the screen. “Kaz is just so HOT.”

Eric wasn’t used to being sexual. He was cute; not hot. But having Kaz on his lap kissing him passionately sure felt good. He was bold enough to set his hands on Kaz’ waist as they made out, caressing the other man’s sculpted sides through his shirt. Being super ruled.

Miz was watching John with frustration. John was so hot, a single look from him could set something on fire. He certainly made Miz burn. But he was too hot, and too used to ignoring the attention he garnered; he was oblivious to his partner’s desires. Frustration was ruling Miz.

“Big plans for tonight?”

Eric was not happy that his ex was questioning him about Kaz. “Why?”

Bobby smirked. “You know he’s expecting you to slip him the sausage?”

Eric flushed. Bobby laughed. “You do know about Kaz, right? You don’t put out tonight, he’s through with you.”

Eric scowled.

Miz did not do subtlety, and John did not get subtlety. So Miz was not going to be subtle. He lingered in the shower until he heard John enter the room, then tucked a towel around his waist. He headed to his bag, and bent down.

There went the towel.

“You ok?” Kaz questioned.

Eric was nervous as they entered his room. “Uh. Yeah.” Eric walked to his bag, pulling out a summer sausage. His face red, he handed it to Kaz. “Look, I’m not really ready for – you know – yet, but I was hoping this would tide you over.”

“Hey, you got a pretty nice ass,” John commented, and Miz smirked. Then his hopes plummeted. “I wonder what Kaz’s bare ass looks like?”

“Probably has freckles,” Miz muttered.

John actually grinned. “That would be cute. Then I could play connect the dots with my tongue!”

Miz was not happy.

Kaz loved the sausage. He laughed and gave Eric a big kiss.

And that got Eric thinking…maybe he wasn’t so unready, after all. So he had kissed Kaz again, and dared to venture under his t-shirt.

Then they were on the bed…and the summer sausage not needed any more.

The towel attempt had failed, but it had opened up a new level of comfort between them. Now, John felt free to walk around naked, which Miz simultaneously loved and hated.

Loved, because he now had every inch of John’s gorgeous body to fantasize about.

Hated, for the same reason.

He felt like such a man, lying in bed with Kaz against his chest. It wasn’t often he could say, “I am Eric, MAN!” Kaz made him feel that way, and he loved it.

“I love you,” Eric whispered, pressing a kiss to Kaz’s forehead.

Kaz smiled softly, “Love you.”

“Hey John, you want some cock?”

That was it. He said it, totally straightforward and blatant.

John looked thoughtful. “Sure. Let’s go find some guys.”

Miz’s mouth fell open. “What?”

“I’ll drive, just gotta change. There’s a hot club somewhere around here.”

Miz threw his hands up in the air.


Eric looked up. “What?”

Kaz quickly hid something in his bag. “Nothing. Who’re we facing tonight?”

He wasn’t really listening as Eric listed off their opponents and the plan for the match. He couldn’t forget the image on the card he had just received; John Morrison looked amazing nude.

“Those guys were hot,” John was saying. “Although I still wanna fuck that little brunette from TNA.”

“Right.” Miz couldn’t believe he had sex with some random guy at John’s urging. At least the guy was pretty hot, but he hadn’t compared to John. Miz needed a new plan, ASAP.

Eric wasn’t sure what to think of the picture. John had clearly sent it to Kaz, but it looked like it was unsolicited.

He bit his lip, unsure how he felt about this.

Then, he began to strip, pulling out his camera.

Morrison was not going to take his man.

“Holy crap.”

Miz look curiously at John. “Interesting mail?”

“Yeah.” John tossed a picture to him. Miz glanced down at the sexy shot; a blonde, wearing nothing except a tiny washcloth pressed over his groin. He flipped the picture over, seeing the words, ‘Kaz is taken’ written there.

Miz grinned.

“I’d say sorry about the picture,” Kaz said with a grin, “but it got me this.” He kissed the picture Eric had given him; the same as John’s, but without the towel.

Eric had his arms around his lover’s waist. “You’re not tempted?”

Kaz shrugged. “He’s pretty, but you’re mine.”

Miz pinned him against the door, and kissed him. John seemed eager to kiss back.

“Damn you taste good John.”

John grinned and flipped his hair. “I’m surprised you didn’t do that earlier, most guys who want me just go for it.”

Miz wasted no time in kissing him again.

“Ohhhhhh Eric.”

Eric liked being a man, because he got to do things like this. He loved making Kaz feel good. He never thought he could be good in bed or good at holding onto a man, but his feelings for Kaz had trumped his shyness.

Being in love rocked.

Being in John rocked.

Miz was so happy he finally had John’s attention, because the sexy brunette was hotter than he’d dreamed. They were banging the bed against the wall, making way too much noise, and neither of them cared one bit.

He hoped they could do this a lot.

The End


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