Eric Young Fic

Angels in the Storm series
Rating: PG13 to NC17
Content: m/m slash, talk of cheating, some language, lots of sex and drama
Characters: Various
Summery:  The tumultuous story of relationships beginning, ending, and restarting
Note: A cross-promotional series featuring both WWE and TNA characters
Fics involving Eric: 1

Duel Fics:
Cute & Hot

Rating: PG13
Content: m/m slash
Characters: Kaz, Eric Young, Miz, John Morrison, Bobby Roode
Summery: Crushes and attention seeking
Note: 50 word a day challenge (continued for 2 weeks, 10 episodes)

How Super?
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash; angst, mention of rape
Characters: Kaz, Eric Young, Petey Williams
Summery: Where’s a Superhero when you need him?
Written 4/15-4/17/08

# of fics: 3

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