"Hey dawg."

 Chris Jericho looked up, licking his lips as his eyes ran over Booker's sweaty, nearly naked body. "Hey. Can I help you, junior?"

 "I come to finish what we started," Booker stated, pushing the blonde back against the lockers and pressing their bodies together. They were still in their ring clothes, both slick with sweat, and Jericho's hair a mess.

 "You gonna whup my little blonde punk ass?" Jericho purred seductively, his eyes glowing with lust.

 "I'm gonna do better than that," Booker growled, his hands sliding down to cup Jericho's ass as his lips moved forward, capturing the blonde's eager mouth in a forceful kiss. Jericho moaned, wrapping his arms around the tall man's neck and returning the kiss with equal passion, burning with anticipation as Booker's hands slid into his tights and shoved them down, revealing the skimpy black thong he secretly wore. Booker's hands caressed his backside lustfully, gripping the cheeks and parting them, one fingers slipping around the back of his thong to tease his entrance.

 Jericho was swooning with desire, about ready to tear off Booker's tights and beg to be fucked, when, with possibly the worst timing in the world, the door swung open, and in stepped Hunter Hearst Helmsley. "Hey Chris, I was wondering if we could hang out tonight and watch - " Hunter stopped in his tracks, his eyes widening as he took in the scene before him. "Holy geez, what the heck is going on in here?"

 "Hunt, do you mind?!?" Chris exclaimed, looking pointedly at Booker, who had quickly withdrawn both hands and lips.

 "I think I do." Hunter put his hands on his hips, frowning at the two men. "I'm afraid I just cannot approve of you behaving like such a slut, Chris! Really! What's that gonna teach a man?"

 "You can yell at me later! Just go!" Chris hissed, keeping his arms locked firmly around Booker's neck so the other man couldn't go anywhere.

 "Well some girlfriend you are!" Hunter crossed his arms. "I'm not going anywhere, honey. Why don't you have that big oaf take you out on a date like a gentleman before you give up the goods!"

 Chris groaned. "Hunter, please! Just go! I'll do whatever you want, just go! I'll paint your nails for you tonight and take it off tomorrow, ok?"

 Hunter's eyes lit up. "You'll help me with my nails? Even though you hate the smell?"

 "Yes!" Chris snapped. "Now get out! And lock the door behind you!"

 "No problem!" Hunter bounced happily out of the room, closing the door behind him.

 Chris let out a sigh of relief, turning back to Booker with a wicked grin. "Where were we, baby?" he cooed.

 Booker glanced at the door, looking a bit unsure. "Listen, Chris, maybe we should - "

 "No!" Chris put on his cutest smile, twirling a lock of pretty blonde hair around his finger. "We're here and we're ready, why wait? Let me help you out of that, baby." He sunk to his knees, maintaining eyes contact with Booker until he was positioned perfectly before Booker's groin. He licked his lips, quickly sliding Booker's tights down, feeling even more aroused when he found nothing beneath. He licked his lips once more, than bent forward to take the head of Booker's half hard cock between his lips. Booker groaned, instantly growing harder as the warm heat of Jericho's mouth surrounded him. He locked his fingers in Jericho's hair, closing his eyes in bliss as Jericho went down on him.

 Then, the door again opened, Jericho's eyes bugging when he caught sight of his best friend entering the room. Lance groaned when he noticed the couple, instantly turning his back and covering his eyes. "God, that's just what I wanted to see," he griped. "Makes my night so much better! Get dumped and publically humiliated by my boyfriend, turned on by my friends, and now I get to see my best friend sucking cock! Great!"

 "Would you shut up and get out! We're busy here!" Jericho snapped. "You can whine to me later!"

 "I have to get my bag!" Lance returned, sounding equally put off. "It's on the other side of the room!"

 "Well get it quick and leave!" Jericho grabbed Booker's hips as the other man made to move away from him. "Don't go, baby, he'll be gone in a second," he pleaded.

 Booker sighed, watching impatiently as Lance fumbled across the room, holding his hand up to make sure he didn't accidently look at them, looked around for a minute before picking up his bag, and stumbled back across the room to the door. Finally, he left and closed the door behind him. Jericho let out a relieved sigh, glancing up at Booker and raising his eyebrows. "Lets say we just skip all the foreplay and get right to the pounding, huh?" He quickly kicked off his wrestling boots and pulled his tights the rest of the way off, yanking his thong off as well and tossing it onto the floor. He gave Booker a hot look, bending over in front of him in order to retrieve a bottle of lube from his bag. He tossed it to the bigger man, strolling over to the room's couch and getting on his hands and knees. "Come on baby," he purred, spreading his legs and arching his hips.

 Booker joined him on the couch in a flash, already slicking his fingers with lube. He spread the cheeks of Jericho's ass, rubbing his rosebud with one slick finger. Jericho gasped and moaned as Booker pushed the tip of one finger inside him, his breath catching in his throat as the digit slid further into him. "More," he managed to gasp out, rewarded by a second finger sliding in to join the first, stretching him out wonderfully. He barely even felt the pain as a third finger slid into him, the anticipation drowning out nearly everything else in his head. "I'm ready, baby!" he moaned as he moved his hips, working himself on Booker's fingers. "I want it! Put it in me, baby, now!"

 Booker's fingers withdrew, leaving a gaping want inside him for a mere moment, then he was filled with the swollen head of the other man's cock. Jericho writhed in the pleasure of being so full, loving the way every inch of Booker felt inside him. He squirmed as Booker paused for a moment, letting him adjust to the penetration, then gasped as Booker grabbed a handful of his messy blonde hair and thrust into him hard, unable to stop the cry of both surprise and pleasure which tore from his lips. He gasped and moaned and writhed as Booker rode him hard, his hips bucking helplessly as the other man drove into him again and again. Booker knew just how to thrust to send pleasure coursing through his body, and by the time he shuddered into an intense orgasm, he was seeing stars, white lights flashing before his eyes. Even in the throes of orgasm he could feel Booker tense behind him, the other man's hot juices shooting deep inside him.

 They had to stay still for a moment, both breathing heavily, their bodies wonderfully sated. "Damn, was that hot," Booker murmured as he sat back, his flaccid cock slipping out of Jericho. He pulled the exhausted blonde into his lap, kissing him and caressing his smooth flesh. "Don't suppose you're seeing anyone right now?"

 "I'm not," Jericho murmured, snuggling against Booker, his blonde head resting on the taller man's strong shoulder.

 "Well what say you and I start up somethin'?" Booker suggested, his arms winding around Jericho's tired body and holding him somewhat protectively.

 "With sex like that, how could I say no?" Jericho sighed happily, purring softly as Booker's hands stroked his back.

 "You know I been lookin' for a pretty li'l kitten like you," Booker murmured, brushing his lips gently against Jericho's neck.

 "Well you found one." Jericho lifted his head, giving Booker his most enchanting smile. "Wanna rinse off and go back to the hotel to cuddle up in bed?"

 "Sounds like a plan to me, babe." Booker chuckled. "Long as you don't mind the gold freak bein' in the other bed, that is."

 Jericho giggled. "Hey, better than rooming with Lance or Hunter! If I can survive those two, Goldust won't be any problem at all."

 "Well we'd better get you clean so we can get goin', then." Booker leaned forward to capture a sweet kiss, picking Jericho up in his arms and carrying him towards the showers.


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