"Ooh yeah, Hunter, like that," Stephanie moaned, arching her chest up into Hunter's mouth. "More like that." Hunter obediently swirled his tongue around her nipples, stroking the skin of her other breast with his hand. Stephanie sighed happily, letting him continue for another moment before pushing his head away.

 "That's enough for tonight," she announced, grabbing her t-shirt from the nightstand and slipping it on. She turned away from him and rested her head on the pillow, closing her eyes.

 "Honey, are you sure?" Hunter asked, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her closer to him. He brushed the hair off her neck and gentle kissed her soft skin. "You don't want me to - "

 "No, that's ok Hunter. You don't have to tonight," she replied, swatting at his face when he tried to kiss her neck again. "Now please let me sleep."

 "You sure?" Hunter frowned, looking confused. "I mean, baby, it has been a few days and all, I thought you'd want me to."

 "I told you I didn't." Stephanie turned to look at him, gazing at him through half-open eyes with amusement. "You sound disappointed. Come to like it, have you?"

 Hunter shrugged. "It's not so bad. I really wouldn't mind."

 "Maybe tomorrow, baby." Stephanie yawned and closed her eyes, hoping the conversation was finished. She hated it when Hunter acted all needy. There were disadvantages to teaching men to be completely submissive. Sometimes, they took it too far.

 "You were with someone else, weren't you?"

 Stephanie sighed and opened her eyes. "God, Hunter, do you understand what the word ‘sleep' means?" she snapped.

 Hunter looked at her, his lower lip quivering slightly. "You were, weren't you?"

 Stephanie groaned, glaring at the man who was interrupting her sleep. "Hunter, stop this shit right now. It's not like I've never had another man get on his knees for me, ok? You're a big man, for god's sake, act like it!"

 Hunter looked about to cry as he lay back down on his back, looking away from her. "I bet I know who it is," he whispered. "It's Kurt Angle, isn't it? I bet that slut got right on his knees for you, didn't he? Typical of him, ‘the Olympic Hero'. Ha. More like power grubbing ass."

 "Hunter." Stephanie put her hands on either side of the large man's face, making him look at her. "You understand how I work, baby. I'm not gonna be some soft push over of a woman. I just needed to teach Kurt a lesson, and now he knows who's boss. That's the only reason I did it. If he needs to be reminded who holds the power around here, I'll do it again."

 "But, otherwise - I'm the only one you're with?" Hunter questioned, biting his lip hopefully.

 "Yes, sweetheart, you're the only one. You've always been my favorite bitch. Why do you think I married you?" Stephanie leaned over and kissed Hunter's cheek gently, making him smile. "I still think that was a great idea. You get all the exposure and pull over the other wrestlers that you want, and I get your faithful service and you on your knees whenever I want. And your friendship, too." Stephanie smiled at the tall blonde, and he smiled back. "Kay?"

 Hunter nodded, looking much brighter. Stephanie considered for a moment, then raised one slender eyebrows. "Heck, you want to do it anyway?" Hunter grinned and nodded enthusiastically, slipping under the covers. Stephanie smiled, finding it oddly amusing how she was able to get men to submit completely and totally to her once she showed her spine. "Ooh, yes," she moaned as Hunter's mouth found the curly path of dark brown hair between her legs. "Hunter!"

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