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Going in Reverse
Series: Domination series, 2nd part
Rating: R
Content: some language, m/f
Series Summery: Stephanie shows who holds the power in the WWF
Episode Summery: More on the relationship of Hunter and Stephanie.
Author's Note: The views of the characters in this story do NOT reflect my own views, they are merely the creation of my wicked and powerful Stephanie muses, who want to be in charge of everything. There's a little role reversal in here, thus the title
Additional Note: This is the sequel to ‘No is not an option', read that to understand more what's going on.

Love Amiss
Rating: PG
Content: Humor, mentions some sexual stuff, implied m/m slash
Characters: Team Extreme and others
Summery: Love isn't going too well for any member of Team Extreme on this particular evening...

No Is Not An Option
Series: Domination series, 1st part
Rating: R/NC-17
Content: some language, m/f (NOT your usual kind at all)
Characters: Stephanie, Kurt, mention of Hunter
Summery: Stephanie shows who holds the power in the WWF
The sequel: Going in Reverse

Something to Celebrate
Rating: PG
Content: nothing bad, just sweetness for Christmas
Characters: Matt Hardy and Ivory
Summery: Ivory has a special surprise for Matt
Notes: A Christmas story for two of my favorite WWF superstars!

Other Fandoms

The Maiden Night
Fandom: WWF/Iron Maiden crossover
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash, language
Characters: Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris, Chris Jericho
Summery: How Chris Jericho got himself banned from Iron Maiden concerts

What's In a Name?
Fandom: Iron Maiden
Rating: PG13
Content: implied m/m
Characters: Blaze Bayley and Bruce Dickinson
Summery: The two gods of metal argue over names

This Way Comes
Fandom: Metallica
Rating: NC17
Content: contains m/m slash, cussing, and semi-consensual sex
Characters: Kirk/James, Lars
Summery: James likes to get his way, a trait Lars and Kirk aren't too fond of
Note: May be expanded into a series, as time permits

I Do Say, Sir…
Fandom: Red Dwarf
Rating: PG
Content: implied m/m slash and brief half-nakedness
Characters: Kryten, Dave Lister, Arnold Rimmer
: Kryten walks in on Lister and Rimmer and becomes rather suspicious
Note: Takes place during Series 6
Written 3/2/06 

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