Adam entered the locker room, immediately spotting the two he was looking for. Taker was sitting on a bench in the middle of the room, his legs spread and his head thrown back a bit. Adam wasn't at all surprised to see Kane kneeling between his legs, his dark head bobbing up and down. Keeping quiet, Adam leaned back against the door to watch. He was well aware that Taker, at least, knew he was there, but the large man showed no sign that he minded. Taker's fingers tangled in Kane's hair, a low moan escaping his lips as he came.

 Kane lifted his head after he had swallowed all his brother had to offer, freezing when he saw Adam. He quickly covered his bare face with his hands, snatching his mask and strapping it back on.

 "It's alright, bro," Taker murmured, patting the scared looking man on the back. "Adam ain't gonna bite ya." Taker glanced at the blonde, who was still watching them with intense interest. However, the blonde's eyes were clearly focused on Kane. "Why don't you go rinse off," Taker told Kane, his eyes not leaving Adam. Kane nodded, grabbing a towel and heading off to the showers, casting a nervous glance back at Adam.

 Taker was silent for a moment after the door closed, folding his arms over his chest. "So what do you want, Copeland?" he asked, straight to the point as always.

 Adam met his eyes directly, not flinching one bit. "That's not very nice of you, you know," he said softly. "Making your brother suck your cock like that."

 Taker snorted. "You're the one who's got a hardon from watching us." He gestured to the noticeable bulge tenting the front of Adam's jeans.

 Adam shrugged. "I just can't help imagining it was my cock those beautiful lips were wrapped around," he stated, licking his lips.

 Taker raised his eyebrows. "You got a thing for Kane?"

 "Maybe I do." Adam shrugged nonchalantly.

 "Maybe?" Taker looked at Adam pointedly. "Don't beat around the bush with me, blondie. What is it that you want?"

 Adam looked straight into Taker's eyes. "I want Kane."

 "Really. Well I just don't know if I can allow that. As you know, my brother is rather - limited - in some ways. I certainly can't just hand him over to you." Taker's eyes raked down Adam's body, making the blonde flinch a little inside. "I'm sure something can be arranged, though," he purred, the hunger in his eyes plain for Adam to see.

 "So what's the deal?" Adam asked, still meeting the larger man's eyes.

 "Simple, really." Taker shrugged. "You get a piece of my brother, I get your ass."

 Adam was silent for a moment, thinking it over. "When?" he asked simply.

 "Tonight. We go back to the hotel, I let you fuck him, then I get you." Taker grinned a devilish smile, desire blazing in his eyes. "You want him, Copeland, you're gonna suck my dick and ride me like a bitch. That's the deal. The only deal."

 Adam frowned slightly as he considered it. "I don't know," he said slowly. "How do I know that he's really - all that? That he's really as good as he looks?"

 Taker smirked. "Well I can't testify to how good he is in the sack, but physically, I'm sure you'll find him satisfying." He rolled his eyes when Adam was still silent, looking a bit unsure. "Come on, boy, this'll convince you." He grabbed Adam's wrist and dragged him into the hall, towards the private shower stalls where Kane was cleaning off. Coming up to the stall his brother was in, Taker unceremoniously yanked open the curtain.

 Adam's eyes fell on a wet, exposed Kane, standing beneath the spray of water in all his naked glory. He wasn't wearing his mask, the faded scars on his face bared for Adam to see. Kane's head shot up, shock and, again, a touch of fear in his eyes. He quickly reached to cover himself, then thought twice and moved a hand up to hide his face. Adam's eyes rested on Kane's exposed member, which was a more than generous size. Realizing what Adam was staring at, Kane turned a light shade of red, moving his hands down to cover his groin and flipping his hair forward to shield his face instead.

 Taker glanced at Adam, a smug smile on his face, then let the curtain close. "Told ya, didn't I?" he asked Adam, smiling at the desire he saw in Adam's eyes. He knew the blonde's answer before Adam even said it. "So we on for tonight?"

 Adam swallowed, glancing back at the curtain. He shifted uncomfortably on his feet, his erection obvious through his jeans. "Oh yeah, we're on," he agreed.

 "Great." Taker took a step closer to him, sliding his hands down Adam's back to cup his ass. He squeezed lightly, a growl escaping his lips. "I wouldn't expect to get much sleep tonight," he growled, giving Adam a smart smack in the ass before drawing back. "Our room, in one hour. Got it?"

 Adam nodded, the doubt completely gone from his gaze. "I'll be there," he said confidently.


Kane sat on the edge of his bed, his hands clasped in his lap. Taker was standing by the long mirror on the bathroom door, brushing out his hair. He looked over his appearance, nodding approvingly. He picked up a bottle of cologne and put a little on, paying little attention to his brother.

 "Taker?" Kane whispered.

 Taker glanced back at his brother briefly. "What is it?" he asked, turning most of his attention back to the reflection of himself.

 " Adam...coming?" Kane asked, a hint of fear in his voice.

 "I already told you this, Kane," Taker replied, frustration obvious in his voice. "He wants to have sex with you, that's why. Hell, you should be flattered. Adam's the hottest thing in the locker room, everyone wants a piece of his ass."

 Kane stared down at his hands, his large form shaking slightly. "But...don't"

 "How?" Taker turned to his brother, giving him a dumb look. "It's not too complicated, bro. All you have to do is take off all your clothes and lie down on your back, and he'll do the rest. It'll feel good, believe me. I can't wait to get a piece of that sweet ass." Taker licked his lips, getting hard at the thought of Adam riding his cock.

 Kane shook his head, the tears in his eyes hidden by his mask. "Don'"

 "Kane." Taker frowned, putting his hands on his hips. "Do you have any idea how long I've been trying to get into Adam's pants? He doesn't fuck just anyone. Since he's got a thing for you, and I'm letting him get what he wants from you, I get what I want from him. A nice, juicy piece of ass. You gotta understand how much I want this, bro. You're part *ain't* that hard. Just lie back and do what he says. Got it?"

 Kane just kept staring downwards, his moist eyes focusing on all the tiny threads in the carpet. "Yes," he whispered, trying to keep the tremor out of his voice.

 Taker heard it anyway, and sighed. He plopped down on the bed next to Kane, his demeanor changing to a comforting one. He put his arm around Kane's back, giving him a reassuring squeeze. "I know you ain't done this before, but it really will be alright," he said softly. "Just relax, ok buddy?" Kane nodded silently, swallowing and trying his best to do as his brother suggested. However, when a knock came on the door, he tensed right back up. It was all he could do to keep from shaking as Adam walked into the room.

 Taker was oblivious to his brother's discomfort. His eyes drank in the sight of the beautiful blonde hungrily, his cock stirring as his gaze swept over Adam's tight, perfect ass. "You look gorgeous," he breathed huskily, his eyes filling with desire. He glanced back at Kane and stepped out of Adam's way, gesturing to the man on the bed like a waiter would usher someone to a fancy dinner. He hoped they would be quick, as he couldn't wait to sink himself deep in Adam's beautiful ass.

 Adam stepped past Taker quickly, approaching Kane with a big smile on his face. "Hey," he said softly, stopping right before the Big Red Machine. Kane glanced up at him nervously, then looked back at Taker with fear and uncertainty in his eyes, not knowing what to do next.

 "Take off your clothes, Kane," Taker said with a roll of his eyes. "Then lie on your back in bed and let Adam take over."

 Kane swallowed, his frightened gaze returning to Adam. With a trembling hand, he reached for the hem of his shirt. Adam smiled, reaching to help him. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you," he whispered into Kane's ear as he slid the larger man's shirt off over his head. He continued to speak quietly as he helped Kane removed his pants, followed by his boxers. "I swear I won't. I could never hurt a man as lovely as you, Kane."

 Kane froze, staring at Adam in shock. Had he just called him - lovely? No one had ever used a term like that to describe him in his entire life. Adam just smiled at him, gently pushing Kane's large form back onto the bed, so that Kane was lying on his back in the center of the mattress, his body completely naked, nothing hiding his strong, masculine form.

 Adam couldn't take his eyes off the gorgeous creature before him as he too shed his clothes, climbing onto the mattress next to Kane. Kane's body tensed at Adam's close proximity. "It's ok," Adam cooed, gently stroking one of Kane's strong biceps with his fingers. "Relax, Kane, I'm not going to hurt you." He reached for Kane's mask, intending to remove it before they got started. Realizing what he was doing, Kane clasped the mask with both hands, shaking his head wildly, fear in his eyes.

 Adam drew back, holding his hands up in the air. "It's ok, we'll leave it on. We'll leave it on, ok?" he said soothingly, his hand still stroking Kane's arm. Kane swallowed and nodded, hesitantly dropping his hands back to his sides. Adam let his eyes trail over Kane's muscular chest, his flat stomach, his supple thighs, and the thick cock resting between his legs. He shifted his body, positioning himself between the large man's legs. In the meantime, Taker had moved onto the second bed in the room, watching intently as the scene played out.

 "Relax," Adam whispered again, looking up into Kane's wide, scared eyes. Kane stared back into Adam's beautiful eyes, feeling a little less nervous at the kindness he saw within the depths of those orbs. He was too busy staring into Adam's eyes to notice that Adam had pulled himself up his body, laying so his mouth was at the level of Kane's chest. Adam only broke eye contact as he leaned down, taking one of Kane's nipples in his warm mouth. Kane gasped, his heart starting to beat a little quicker. He didn't know what to think of the sensation of Adam's slippery tongue massaging and bathing his hard nipples. He had never felt anything like it before, but he knew he liked it.

 Kane's breathing got heavier as the blonde worked his way down his hard stomach, licking and caressing with his mouth and hands, until he reached Kane's erect hardness. Kane stared as the blonde head moved further down, hovering for a moment directly before the head. He couldn't help letting out a groan as the heat of Adam's mouth enclosed the head of his cock. The sensation was far more intense than Adam's ministrations to his nipples, and he knew for sure that he liked this. He had done this to Taker many times, but never had he had any idea how good it felt.

 Kane let his fingers tangle in Adam's hair as the smaller man went down on him, bobbing on his cock in a steady rhythm. Extreme disappointment shot through Kane's body when Adam drew back after only a moment. Adam gave him another smile, knowing it wouldn't take much for someone as inexperienced as Kane to come. "Not yet sweetheart," he murmured, snatching his pants from the floor and pulling out a bottle of lube.

 Sweetheart. The word rang in Kane's ears. He had never been called sweetheart before, no more than he had been called lovely. He watched wide-eyed as Adam slicked two of his fingers, quickly inserting them into himself and beginning to move them in and out. Kane bit his lip, unfamiliar feelings stirring inside him as he watched Adam's wanton display. The blonde made little whimpering noises as he prepared himself, clearly enjoying the attention his was getting from the larger man. After a moment he pulled his fingers out of himself, his eyes locking with Kane's as he spread some more lube on his fingers.

 Kane had to moan as Adam's fingers closed around his member, stroking it as he coated it with the slick lubricant. Kane could only watch in fascination as Adam dropped the lube on the bedspread, moving to straddle the large man's hips. He still felt desperately nervous and wasn't quite sure he wanted to do this, but he didn't say anything.

 "Now comes the really good part," Adam whispered to him, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. He turned his attention downwards, his eyes gleaming as they focused on Kane's huge member. "God this is going to feel good," he breathed, mostly to himself, as he sunk down onto the engorged shaft. A strangled moan escaped his throat as he lowered himself all the way down, letting Kane slide deep inside of him.

 Kane's mouth fell open, although the expression was obscured by his mask. Adam's warm, moist walls around him felt like nothing he had ever imagined before. He had to close his eyes as Adam began to bounce on him, jolts of pleasure shooting through him. A few deep moans slipped from his throat, accompanying Adam's increasingly loud cries. The blonde bombshell bounced furiously on the larger man, making sure his large cock hit his prostate with every stroke. He reached his hands down to pump his member, pleasure flooding through his body, practically blinding him in its intensity.

 "Oh - Kane!" Adam screamed out as he came in a sudden rush, panting harshy as pleasure shot throughout his body. Kane's eyes shot open at the feeling of Adam's walls suddenly clamping around him, his cock exploding as he released his seed deep in the blonde's ass. A look of sheer pleasure crossed Adam's face as the hot liquid filled his insides. With a ragged moan, he collapsed onto Kane's chest, the breath thundering in his lungs.

 Kane just lay there, stunned. He didn't know how to take what had just happened. He didn't know what he was supposed to be doing or thinking. The only thing he did know, at the moment, was how good it felt to be inside of Adam, and how wonderful Adam's skin pressed against his felt. Kane felt like he never wanted that exquisite contact to end.

 Then, in an instant, Adam's weight was gone from his chest, Adam's heat gone from around his member. Kane whimpered softly, opening his eyes and looking around in disappointment. He saw the man he had just been intimate with in Taker's bed, Taker lying on top of him. Taker had snatched Adam away as soon as they were done, impatient to get his end of the deal. Adam went along with it, just as he had promised. Kane watched as Taker lifted Adam's legs over his shoulders and began pounding into him, groaning his enjoyment while Adam writhed beneath him. He watched the whole time, as Taker pushed Adam down the bed and the blonde bombshell gave him head, as Adam rode Taker fast and hard, as Taker pinned Adam beneath him and took him over and over, making the blonde screamed in ecstacy.

 Kane bit his lip as he watched, an unpleasant feeling stirring in his gut. He couldn't quite name what he was feeling, but he knew he didn't like it. Or rather, he didn't like the scene before him. He didn't like seeing Adam in the throes of passion with another man, didn't like seeing the man he had just been intimate with taken by another. The feeling grew like a fire burning in his stomach, getting stronger the more he watched. Part of the feeling was anger, part was something else.

 By the time Taker was satisfied and Adam had departed, Kane was lying curled up on his side, shaking slightly. He still wasn't certain what he was feeling or why. All he knew was he didn't want Adam to be with anyone else, and he knew, without a doubt in his mind, that he wanted to feel the blonde's touch again.


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