How Super?
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash; angst, mention of rape
Characters: Kaz, Eric Young, Petey Williams
Summery: Where’s a Superhero when you need him?
Written 4/15-4/17/08

There was something magical about being kissed by a superhero. Eric had kissed him after his first appearance as “Super Eric”, and Kaz would swear that fireworks went off as their lips met.

Of course, Eric didn’t admit that he was “Super Eric”, and the secret identity act was getting old. Still, Eric was charming and the sex was great, so Kaz couldn’t complain much about it. He did, however, mind when Eric extricated himself from his arms after a hot lovemaking session. Eric had gotten into the habit of running off at the most inconvenient times to perform his heroics, and Kaz was not happy that his lover intended to interrupt this sweet cuddling session.

“I’m just going to the bathroom,” Eric claimed when Kaz attempted to pull him back.

Kaz sighed and released him. He had heard that before. “Don’t be long,” he cooed.

Eric nodded, trotting off into the bathroom and closing the door.

It was but a moment later when Kaz’s cell rang. He picked it up without looking, having a good idea who it would be. “’Lo?”

“Kaz!” Eric was calling him from the bathroom, again. “I think I dropped my toothpaste under the bed, can you check for me?”

Kaz rolled his eyes. “Why would your toothpaste be under the bed, Eric?” he challenged.

“Because I dropped it!” Eric sounded affronted. “Please, baby, can you just check?”

Kaz nibbled on his lip for a moment, then gave up and leaned over to peak under the bed. He looked up abruptly when he heard the door lock click, tossing down his cell and grabbing a bedsheet to cover himself, then rushing to the door. He sprang out into the hall, looking frantically in both directions for his errant ‘super’ lover. Eric was nowhere in sight. Scowling, Kaz stomped back into the room, not surprised to see that the door to the bathroom was open, and Eric was nowhere to be seen.

“Bastard,” he muttered, wondering what his lover was up to this time.

Super Eric charged down the hall, his arm struck out heroically before him and his cape flapping behind him. He had been sensing a soul in distress for some time, and now the call was loud enough for him to find it. He hated to leave Kaz after such an intimate time, but superheroes couldn’t choose when they were needed. He knew Kaz was annoyed with the interruptions his super career brought, but he told himself it was good that Kaz wasn’t a super groupie. He knew Kaz loved him for himself, not for his studly silhouette in tights.

He charged up into another stairwell, letting his super senses lead him to the source of the trouble.

Petey Williams lay in bed, staring dully up at the ceiling. Steiner had just left, leaving him feeling stretched and used. He had stopped trying to fight, after the first time. It had been weeks ago, when they were quarrelling over the Feast or Fired briefcases. Steiner had stolen his case, and he had followed the pumped up wrestler back into an empty locker room, looking to demand its return.

What had happened there had taken much more from him than a title shot. He had scratched and bit and kicked and fought when Steiner pinned him down, but he just wasn’t strong enough. Steiner had raped him, and at some point during it, Petey could feel something break inside him. That was when he had stopped fighting. Because he didn’t see a reason to fight; it didn’t matter. It wouldn’t change what Steiner had done to him.

And so he had allowed Steiner to ‘initiate’ him, torturing him in whatever way the muscular freak could think of. Torturing him on camera, and raping him off. Petey had hoped, desperately, that someone would notice. That someone, anyone, would approach him and demand to know what he was doing, wonder if there was something wrong with him. No one had; no one cared. They just shook their heads when they saw him, assuming he was enjoying his role in some perverse game.

Petey sighed deeply, grabbing a pillow and pressing it over his face. He wondered if it was possible to suffocate yourself. He pressed down a little harder. A tremor went through his body, and before he knew it, tears were trickling down his cheeks, soon staining the pillow case. He hitched in shallow breaths, trying fruitlessly to stop his tears.

His blood froze when he heard the door open. Quickly he rubbed his face against the pillow, not wanting Steiner to see him crying. He was sure his eyes were swollen, but there was nothing he could do about it now. With one fortifying breath, he cast the pillow aside.

Petey gasped as what he saw. Instead of a freak ready to rape him, before him stood a noble figure in gold tights.

“Petey Williams,” announced a dramatic voice, and one gloved hand extended to him. “I’m here to rescue you.”

Petey stared, then began to scowl. “Go away, Eric!” he snapped, burying his face back in the pillow.

Super Eric stood tall. “You are in great pain, Petey Williams. Come with me.” Without waiting for an answer, he scooped Petey up, efficiently draping the bedsheet around his naked body as he carried him to the door.

“Eric!” Petey struggled a bit, although inside his heart was soaring. “Put me down!”

Super Eric ignored his complaints, speeding him through the hall and away from Steiner’s reach.

When a knock sounded on the door, Kaz was tempted not to answer it. If Eric had zipped off without his keycard, well then he could just sit in the hall for a while.

The knock came again, louder and more demanding. Kaz sighed, climbing to his feet and heading for the door. He was annoyed with his boyfriend, but he did still love him, and he was hoping for more cuddling once Eric was finished with his super heroics.

Needless to say, it came as a great shock when, upon answering the door, he found Petey Williams standing there, clutching a bedsheet around himself and looking embarrassed and vulnerable.

“Uh.” Kaz blinked, looking Petey up and down. He felt pretty certain that Petey didn’t have any clothes on under that bedsheet. “Do you have the right room?”

“Super Eric brought me here.” Petey’s cheeks lit up rosily as Kaz’s eyes swept over him.

Kaz’s eyes narrowed. He opened his mouth to speak, but before he could say anything, Eric popped up behind Petey. “Petey, what are you doing here?” Eric questioned, as if his fellow Canadian’s presence came as a surprise to him.

“Eric, if you want a threesome, you have to at least *ask* me in advance!” Kaz snapped.

Eric stared at him innocently. “Threesome?” He looked between Petey and his lover, confusion written on his face. “What are you talking about?” He now looked Petey up and down, raising his eyebrows. “And what are you doing out here naked! Come in, come in.” He hustled Petey into their room, closing the door securely behind them.

“Eric, you came and got me.” Petey crossed his arms over his chest, frowning at his former teammate. “I don’t know why, because I’m fine.”

Eric just gazed at him for a moment, and Petey flinched under his inquiring eyes. “Are you?”

Kaz was watching curiously, wondering what he lover was up to. He knew Petey had been involved in some crazy shit recently, but he figured the talented Canadian knew what he was doing.

Petey locked eyes with Eric, just staring for a tense moment before his eyes began to fill with tears. He sat down heavily on the bed, burying his face in his hands. “No,” he whispered hoarsely, his fingers hiding the tears which were trickling from his eyes. “Fuck.” He sniffled, wiping at his eyes as he looked up at Eric. “Steiner – he – he - ” He shuddered, shaking his head back and forth. He welcomed the touch as Eric swooped forward, pulling him into a warm embrace. He took a deep breath, then whispered shakily in Eric’s ear, “He raped me.”

Eric closed his eyes, squeezing Petey tight. “It’s ok, Petey,” he murmured, rubbing his friend’s back soothingly. “You’re ok now. Just let it out.” Petey clung to him, sobbing into his shoulder.

Kaz watched in amazement, his heart aching for Petey. He couldn’t believe Eric had actually managed to find and help a tortured soul. He moved forward to join their hug, resting his head on Eric’s shoulder. It seemed his lover was super, after all.


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