"Baby, do you love me?"

 Oh lord, not this again! I glance up from my book, giving him a fake smile. " ‘Course I do, babe, you're my brother," I tell him.

 He pouts, looking less than satisfied. "I mean as more than a brother," he clarifies.

 "You know you're more than a brother to me," I state.

 "But do you LOVE me?" he insisted.

 I sigh. "Babe, I'm trying to read," I tell him, trying to hide the annoyance in my voice.

 He crosses his arms over his chest and frowns at me. "Do. You. Love. Me," he repeats. I just sigh and trying to continue reading. His eyes narrow. "If you don't answer me then I won't sleep with you tonight!" he threatens.

 "You're very welcome to the couch," I mutter.

 "You know what I mean!" he exclaims. "No sex!"

 I just roll my eyes. He says that at least once a week, and has yet to follow through on it.

 "I mean it! No sex! Now, do you love me?" he asks again.

 "Sure I do babe," I reply, not looking up from my book.

 His frown deepening, he smacks the couch cushion beside him. "I want you to say it!" he insists.

 I am so sick of this. What does he want me to say? That I don't love him, except as a brother? That he's nothing but another conquest, a convenient fuck that I can always come back to? It's the truth, but a truth he'll certainly never hear from me.

 "I love you," I say at last.

 A huge grin breaks out across his face. He curls up against me, wrapping his arms around me. He begins to plant little kisses on my neck, continuing until I finally sigh and give up on my book, turning my attentions on him. I should be able to get a fuck out of this, at least.

 I kiss him passionately, my lust for his body as strong as ever, laying him down on the couch and lowering myself on top of him. Just as I'm about to go for his pants, he pulls back, smiling at me dreamily. If I ever look at a guy like that, I can only pray someone will shoot me.

 "Tell me again, Matty?" he coos, his hand sneaking down my pants and cupping me as a bit of added persuasion.

 I fake a smile. "I love you, Jeff," I whisper to him.

 He sighs contentedly, and soon his pants are off and I'm getting what I want from him. This is worth saying three little words, I guess.


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