Chris Jericho let out a contented sigh, snuggling up against the warm chest his head was resting upon. He was practically purring as his lover stroking his hair gently, both quietly enjoying the post-coital glow. Chris' mind trailed back over the events of the night. He recalled falling, swooning into the older man's arms as the other man sung softly to him, his voice like a thousand red roses wrapped in golden sunlight. They had fallen into bed together, Chris so excited he was practically shaking. His excitement had been driven to new heights when he discovered how dominant his partner was, despite the fact that the brunette was a full six inches shorter than his blonde companion and considerably less muscular, although still extremely fit.

 Chris smiled lazy, raising his head and gazing into the deep beautiful eyes of his idol, his god, the one and only Bruce Dickinson. Hours early the popular wrestler had arrived at the sold-out Maiden concert, thrilled just to be seeing his ultimate favorite band live once again. He had been further thrilled when he had made it backstage, on the verge of passing out from the pure delight of shaking the hands of the legendary band members. They had all been very amiable with him, but Bruce had been more than that. He had been discreet in the presence of his fellow Maiden band members, but soon made an excuse to depart, whisking Chris away to his hotel room. Their lovemaking, like every note Bruce had ever sung, was passionate and intense, leaving no doubt in Chris' mind that it was the best of his life.

 Chris simply gazed into Bruce's enchanting eyes for a moment, finally opening his mouth to plead with Bruce to sing to him again. Before he could say a word, their quiet reverie was spoiled. The door to the room flew open, an enraged Steve Harris charging into the room. Bruce quickly sat up, a worried expression on his face.

 "I knew it!" Steve raged, his smart British accent coming out in short, clipped tones, every word seething with anger. "I knew I'd find you here with some groupie slut!"

 "Hey!" Chris cried, flushing when Steve shot him a murderous look.

 "Steve, baby, calm down," Bruce cooed, climbing out of bed, taking the top cover on the bed with him. He walked over to the enraged bass player, trailing his fingers over Steve's cheek.

 "Calm down?" Steve shouted. "You're telling me to bloody calm down?!?" He shook his head, his chestnut curls flying about his face. "I should've never taken you back!" he screamed, charging over to a small stand on which a large vase filled with flowers sat. Grabbing hold of the ceramic object, Steve hurled it in the direction of the bed, the vase smashing against the wall just inches about Chris' head. Chris jumped, scrambling away from the shards of the demolished vase.

 "Steve!" Bruce walked quickly over to his long-time lover, wrapping his arms around the other man's waist. "Baby you know he doesn't mean anything to me," he breathed, resting his head on the other man's shoulder. "Nothing! I love you baby. You have my heart, every bit of it, and that'll never change. We've both fucked around with other people; you fucked around with Blaze, I fucked around with Roy. But we still came back to each other, because we're meant to be."

 Steve shook his head, wiping at his eyes as he pushed Bruce away. "I only slept with Blaze when we were broken up! Long after we'd parted, actually!"

 Bruce crossed his arms over his chest. "And we would've gotten back together two years earlier if, when we were supposed to meet and talk, you hadn't decided to take him to bed mid-afternoon and fuck him instead, and then let me walk in on it!"

 Steve sniffed. "I did that to hurt you! You thought I was just going to fucking jump back into your arms after all the shit you put me through! It's not like this is the first time you've cheated on me! You fucked around with Adrian before, that's why he left the band in the first place!"

 Chris sat on the bed, wide-eyed, watching as two of his greatest idols tore into each other. He had never dreamed that they were together, although now that he knew they were, every piece seemed to fit in perfectly. Steve continued to scream, Bruce attempting to sooth him, occasionally going on the defensive, most of his statements only infuriating Steve still more. Chris felt a shiver of fear pass through him as Steve's blazing, angry eyes turned on him once more.

 "You," Steve growled, marching over to the bed and grabbing him by the hair. The handsome brunette dragged the protesting blonde over to the door, opening it and casting Chris out. "I had better never see your fucking bleach-blonde, pretty boy ass at an Iron Maiden concert again!" Steve screamed, disappearing for a moment, then returning with Chris' clothes in hand, whipping the black pleather pants and Y2J jersey at the blonde. "Get the fuck out of here, you bloody slut!" he ranted, slamming the door as hard the walls shook.

 Chris took a deep breath, then rose to his feet, quickly pulling on his clothes. He tiptoed over to the door, pressing his ear against it and straining to hear what was going on inside. There were several more minute of screaming, mostly from Steve. After that, it quieted. Chris kept listening, hoping to hear something more of his beloved metal gods.

 Inside the hotel room, the two metal superstars stood with their bodies pressed together, Bruce's arms around Steve's neck. The singer was playing with Steve's curled as their lips met, the kiss gentle and loving. They drew back after a moment, Steve blinking tears from his eyes. "I'm sorry baby," Bruce whispered. "I love you, Steve. I'm sorry I did this."

 "I love you too." Steve pulled Bruce into a tight hug, resting his head on his lover's shoulder. "I'm sorry. I overreacted. I knew you've wanted him for a while. But still, I don't ever want to see that Jericho slut at one of my concerts again!" The brunette took a deep breath, then he seemed to relax again, chuckling softly. "I'll bet he thinks you do this every night, eh?"

 Bruce laughed. "That's certainly the way we made it sound. Whoever would guess I've been absolutely faithful to you until tonight?"

 Steve smiled. "Since we got back together this time, that is."

 "Yeah." Bruce shrugged. "But I was young and stupid before. I was a fool to let you go, and I'm never going to let you get away again." He gave Steve and dazzling, love-filled smile, his eyes growing a little watery. Steve smiled back, leaning down to capture his lover's lips again. The kiss began to turn passionate, both mens' hearts beating rapidly by the time they pulled back.

 "You know," Steve said quietly, his fingers running through Bruce's short but silky hair. "If you ever feel like messing around, you don't need to find some groupie slut. You just need to find me."

 Bruce smiled, leaning in to kiss his lover once more. "I love you baby. You're so beautiful," Bruce breathed, backing the other man towards the bed.

 Chris, who had cracked open the door to see what was going on, practically held his breath as he watched Bruce lay Steve gently onto the mattress, the two sharing another stunning kiss. He had to bight his tongue as they went further, barely able to suppress his own moans as he watched their passion unfold before him. He crouched in the doorway for some time, at last rising to his feet when the two metal icons had drifted off to sleep, safely ensconced in each other's protective arms. He walked out of the hotel with no little embarrassment, knowing even without a mirror that his face was flushed and his hair tousled. As he slipped into his rental, he said a quick prayer the powers that be, hoping that someday he too might find such a pure, passionate love.


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