Note: Brian=GMS, Steve=Blackman, Steven=Richards, Chris=Jericho, Mark=Taker, Dennis=Mideon, Shane=McMahon, Sean=Waltman

One Night

In the rooms at the hotel
The mood was not too good

Christian said he had a headache
Edge was not too pleased

Chris came back far too late
Raven smelled a strange cologne

Hunter was so drunk he could barely stand
Mark had to play nursemaid again

Drew was feeling horny
Kurt didn't have protection

Kane was all alone in bed
Dennis was off that week

Brian was pushing for more
Steve gave him the cold shoulder

Steven was yelling angrily
Kwik just up and left

Val had demanded cuddling
Bull now occupied the couch

Goodfather was giving the silent treatment
Faarooq just gave it back

Bradshaw took offense to something
Shane was thrown out into the hall

Sean was having a good time, until
Eddie said the wrong name

Essa was getting frustrated
Al couldn't understand him

Regal was just miserable
Vince was at another meeting

And so another night was spent
With no banging beds or bouncing springs
But there always is tomorrow. :)

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