“Mark?” Daivari pushed his huge lover back, looking into the other man’s eyes nervously. He was sitting on Mark’s lap, and the behemoth had been laying kisses up his neck and along his jaw.

“What’s a matter, baby?” Mark murmured, his hand stroking Daivari’s back.

“Um.” Daivari took a deep breath. “Mark, I – well, there’s really no easy way to say this - ”

“Did you cheat on me?” Mark scowled, his thick brows drawing together.

“No! No, this is a good thing,” Daivari stammered quickly, swallowing nervously. “I mean, I hope it’s a good thing. I think it’s a good thing. It’s not something I expected, but since it’s happened, I think it’s a good thing.”

“Just tell me baby,” Mark murmured, his hands moving up to knead Daivari’s tense shoulders. “If you think it’s a good thing, I will too.”

“I hope so.” Daivari took another calming breath. “I’m pregnant.”

Daivari was not at all prepared for the look of delighted surprise which overtook Mark’s features. “Pregnant?” Mark grinned, his thick hand gently enclosing Daivari’s abdomen. “You mean you got my little baby in there?”

“Yeah,” Daivari replied, laughing with relief when Mark suddenly stood, clutching him against his chest and twirling him around in delight. He felt a little breathless as Mark set him down, pulling him into his lap again.

“I cain’t believe it!” Mark exclaimed, hugging Daivari tightly against him. “That’s the best news I’ve ever had, baby! I love you.” He pulled Daivari into a passionate kiss which made the smaller man swoon in his arms. Mark pulled him into a hug, just holding him for several minutes.

Daivari rested his chin on Mark’s shoulder, wrapping his arms around as much of his lover as he could. He loved that Mark wanted to have a baby with him. He had been hoping for the best, and this was even better than his expectations. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite that simple. There was one more thing he had to tell Mark, and there was no way this one would get a positive reaction. He hadn’t been with Mark for very long, and he had gone directly from his last relationship into Mark’s arms. Considering that, there was some chance – and he figured it was a very, very small chance – that his previous lover could have fathered the baby.

Given how small that chance was, Daivari was tempted to simply not tell Mark about it. However, if he did that, and the baby did turn out to be Kurt’s, there was no way he could hide that from Mark. Mark and Kurt looked nothing alike, so the baby’s parentage would be obvious the second it saw the light of day. Still, he was almost tempted to risk it, given his fears about how Mark would react to the news. Mark was sweet and loving, yet he was also very insecure at times, as well as overprotective and angry. Daivari had never felt the brunt of Mark’s anger, and he hoped he never would.

“Mark. Honey.” Daivari drew back, taking a long, deep breath. “There’s something more I should tell you.”

“What?” Mark cupped Daivari’s face in his palm. “Are you ok, baby? Are you sick? Is the baby?”

“No. No, it’s fine. I think.” Daivari cleared his throat. “Mark, there’s a small chance – a very, very small chance, really almost none – that, um, that – that - ”

“That what?” Mark’s face with taught with worry as he gazed at his partner expectantly. “Mark, you know I – I haven’t been with you for very long,” Daivari continued shakily. “It ended real suddenly between me and Kurt, and it’s kind of possible that – that he could be the father.” He bit his lip, looking apprehensively at his lover.

To Daivari’s great surprise, Mark threw his head back and laughed. “That ain’t no problem,” the big man chuckled, rubbing Daivari’s middle gently. “Angle’s just a little bitch. This is my baby.” He grinned, a wicked glint in his eyes. “Even if it was Kurt’s, it’s still my baby. He don’t need to know nothing, after the way he treated you.”

Daivari grinned, wrapping his arms around Mark’s neck and giving him a kiss on the cheek. “You’re wicked,” he murmured, happy to be enfolded once again in Mark’s mammoth arms. He had fallen hard and fast for Mark, and the past few moments really hit home why he was so crazy for the big man.

“I love you,” Mark told him, pulling Daivari out of his drifting happy thoughts. Mark leaned forward, capturing Daivari’s lips in a passionate kiss. The behemoth stood up, grabbing Daivari’s hips and securing the smaller man’s legs around his girth. “Let’s celebrate,” Mark growled, carrying his love towards the hotel room’s big bed.

Daivari growled in return as he was laid down on the bed, the sound morphing into a purr as Mark began to undress and caress him. He hadn’t planned this, but he was thrilled that it had happened. He couldn’t wait to have a baby with Mark.

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