“Well.” Paul Burchill took a long, deep breath. He lay on his back, his body glistening with sweat. He sighed happily, rolling over and laying his arm across his partner’s chest. “I must say,” he murmured, grinning wickedly, “I never thought being fucked by a wench could be so satisfying.”

His partner gazed owlishly at him through a mass of blonde curls. “Really Paul,” came a chiding yet playful voice, “I never knew you could be so ridiculous!”

Paul shrugged, laying his head on the maid’s exposed bosom and closing his eyes. He sighed happily. “Best bet I ever made, William,” he murmured. “I wager you’ve got the best dick of any wench in the seven seas!”

“I should hope so,” William replied, blowing a bit of blonde curl away from his mouth.

“You must admit, my buxom wench,” Paul drawled, raising his eyes to meet William’s gaze, “We’ve been having amazing sex since I started dressing up as a pirate. My sword is legendary throughout all the Caribbean!” He chuckled, grasping William’s hand and pulling it down to cup his weapon.

William opened his mouth to speak, but Paul cut him off with a feverish kiss. He ground his hips against William’s hand, growling softly as their lips parted. “Fuck me again,” he pleaded, straddling his lover’s hips and grinding their groins together.

“Like this?” William questioned, one hand plucking at his wig as the other strayed up Paul’s thigh.

Paul grasped the wig and pulled it off, precipitating it onto the floor. “As you,” he growled, wrapping his arms around William’s neck. They kissed ferociously as William whirled Paul onto his back.

“Shall I be a gentleman?” William breathed, hooking Paul’s knees with his arms and settling between the pirate’s spread legs.

“Fuck no,” Paul murmured, his voice thick and heady. “Fuck me!”

Regal dove down for a kiss at the same moment he penetrated his lover, capturing Paul’s groan with his mouth. He ravaged Paul’s mouth and ass with equal abandon, no words exchanged between them beyond primal grunts and moans. They both came quick and hard, William spilling inside his lover a moment after Paul came across their stomachs.

They fell in a sweaty, panting heap. Paul sighed in contentment as his lover slipped out of him. He caressed William’s sweat-slick back affectionately, smiling as he enjoyed a fleeting moment of utter satiation.

“Bollox!” William cried suddenly, frowning as he felt around on the bedside table. He picked up a condom packet and waved it at his languidly grinning lover. “We bloody forgot again!” he exclaimed.

“William,” Paul purred, sliding a leg across William’s hips and caressing the fellow Englishman’s chest, “Are you fucking any tarts besides me?”

“Of course not,” William replied without hesitation.

“Then,” Paul drawled sexily, taking the condom packet and tossing it aside, “we can afford to let a few times slide, in the head of passion.” He bent down for a rough kiss. William grabbed a handful of Paul’s grown-out hair, using it to take control of the kiss. He rolled Paul onto his back again, laying lusty kisses along his neck and chest.

“I’ve never been so in love with you,” he whispered, kissing Paul’s mouth to prevent him from speaking, “And to think I wanted you to stay a hooligan.”

“I still am a hooligan,” Paul murmured, trailing a finger down William’s cheek, his eyes glowing with love, “Just from another century.” He drew Regal into a kiss, no less passionate, yet gentle and sweet. “Make love to me,” he breathed against William’s lips, “Nice and slow and deep.”

“In a moment, my dear.” William drew back, drawing a confused frown from his partner. Smiling reassuringly, William slid off the bed, striding over to Paul’s bag. After searching for a moment, he drew out a long maroon and gold coat, raising his eyebrows at his love.

“My turn, is it?” Paul chuckled, slipping on the coat and laying down on his back, hands tucked behind his head. His golden torso shone in the dim light, his chest hugged by its soft fuzz. “Will you throw me a pearl necklace as well?” he joked wickedly, accepting William into his arms again as the bigger man lay on top of him.

“Perhaps in the morning,” William murmured, his mouth lavishing attention on Paul’s neck as his hands slid along Paul’s sculpted back. The soft fabric of the pirate jacket rubbed against his knuckles.

“Like the jacket?” Paul murmured, relishing his lover’s attention.

“I can hardly stand it when you prance to the ring without a shirt, you beautiful tart,” William replied, his fingers trailing down Paul’s chest and circling his nipples. “I couldn’t dream up a more enticing fantasy.”

Paul sighed happily, pulling William into a deep, passionate kiss. Paul spoke as their lips drew apart just slightly, the tingling passion of their kiss lingering in the air between them. “I love you,” he whispered. “You’re utterly gorgeous.”

William pulled him back into a heady kiss, their lips meeting without pause. Their bodies pressed together over the full length of their skin, Paul’s arms wound about William’s neck and William’s around Paul’s back. Their kisses continued, the room filling with soft sighs of blissful contentment.

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