William Regal Fic

Get Some
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash, humor
Characters: Regal and Tajiri
Summery: Regal has no idea of Tajiri's plans for him.
Note: This fic assumes that Regal can understand Tajiri, which he seems to be able to do in their clips together.

Just Like the Movies
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash, humor
Characters: various
Summery: A take off of movie-review shows like "Ebert & Rober", with two WWE guys reviewing fictional slash films

Mischief on the ‘Net
Rating: R
Content: implied m/m slash, HUMOR
Characters: Lance Storm, William Regal, Christian, RVD
Summery: Christian and RVD play a little trick on Lance Storm!
Note: I made up the website addresses used in this story. I haven't tried them to see if they actually exist

Rating: R
Content: m/m sex, minor language
Characters: Paul Burchill, William “Lady” Regal
Summery: Paul capitalizes on winning a bet
Note: References Regal & Burchill’s bet, where the winner of a match between the two would wear anything the other wanted, and the following week, where Regal was Paul’s buxom wench for a night (SD 4-7 and 4-14-06)
Written: 6/19-6/20/06 

# of fics: 4

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