Based on this:

 "If you guys were dancing with each other, who would lead?"

 "Christian: The song would be over before we were done arguing about who would lead.

 Edge: We would get into a fist fight to see who would lead."


 *A hotel room somewhere*


 "What, baby?"

 "You're stepping on my feet!"

 "Well, I wouldn't be if you'd just let me lead!"

 "You lead? I'm leading!"

 "Well if you think that, I can see why we're having so much trouble! I am leading, ok?"

 "Why should you get to lead?"

 "I'm the bigger man, I'm the stronger man, I get to lead."

 "Well you didn't let Hunter lead when you two were dancing earlier."

 "Do NOT go getting jealous again! Besides, you know Hunter's just a kitten outside the ring, no matter how tough he may be in it."

 "Well, I'm not a kitten, so I want to lead."

 "No way. Come on, the song's almost over! Just let me lead."


 "Oh come on, Christian! Don't give me that look! Are we going to dance or not?"

 "Are you going to let me lead?"


 "Well then, we're not going to dance. I'll just be going to bed now, if you'll excuse me."

 "Christian, don't be that way! How about this, I'll lead for this song, then you can lead for the next one."

 "Why should you get to lead first? I know you, you'll have your dance, then say you're tired and don't want to dance any more, so I won't get to lead! Besides, I like this song!"

 "Well so do I! At least I'm trying to compromise."

 "Just forget it. Who said I wanted to dance anyway? I don't care."




 "The song is over."

 "So what? We're not going to dance anyway."



 "You know I like the song that's playing now."

 "Me too. Not a good dancing song, though."

 "Definitely not. Better for other things."

 "Hmm, I think I like that gleam in your eyes, Christian."

 "Do you? Well how 'bout this?"

 The sound of two bodies connecting and bedsprings bouncing. Soft rustling and moans.

 "So, you're gonna let me lead here, right?"


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