*A car somewhere*

 "Oh cool, look at that!"


 "That over there! It's that snake place we heard about! They're supposed to have like 100 different kinds of snakes!"

 "Edge, I don't like snakes."

 "Don't be silly, they're harmless. Well not all of them, but they're in cages, they won't hurt you. Come on, let's just go in for a moment."

 "Edge, turn this car back on right now! We've got to get to the next show!"

 "We have plenty of time, and you know it. Now come on."

 "Let go of my wrist! I'm not going in! Edge, let go, I don't want to see the snakes!"

 "You want to wait in the car?"

 "Yes, I want to wait in the car!"

 "Oh come on baby, this is silly! I want you to come with me."

 "No. I hate snakes."

 Momentary silence.

 "Remember that little fight we had last night, baby?"

 "About dancing?"

 "Yes, that one. I'm willing to compromise. If you come with me now, then tonight I'll..."

 "You'll let me lead?"

 "Yes, I will."

 "Lead in both places?"

 "Well, I don't know about that."

 "I want to lead in both places, or I'm not going in."

 "Christian, I'll let you lead when we dance, ok? I think that's perfectly fair."

 "I think it's fair that I get to lead after that, too! Especially since I let you have your way last night."

 "Just because I beat you then - "

 "Excuse me? You did not beat me. I let you win, there's a difference! It's your choice, Edge. I lead tonight, or I don't go in. And you can add sleeping alone to that!"

 "I thought we agreed not to use threats like that!"

 "It's not a threat, it's a compromise. Deal?"



 "Fine, fine. You win. But you had better not suck at leading!"

 "I won't. Mmm, I can't wait."

 "Now lets go in. If you get scared at any point, baby, feel free to jump into my big strong arms and I'll hold you."

 "Ha. Like a few snakes could scare me!"

 "But you said - "

 "Oh just come on!"


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