The show was a wrap for the night. All the bands were unwinding at the after party; the music blared, the alcohol flowed, and scantily clad groupies, both male and female to cater to all tastes, were everywhere you looked. James, Kirk, and Lars had been sitting at an out of the way table, having a few casual drinks and relaxing.

 "Gettin' late," Lars commented.

 " ‘Bout time to get to bed," James replied.

 Lars snorted. "Fuck man, what are you, 10 years old? You tired already?"

 "Not one bit." James grinned, tapping Kirk on the shoulder and gesturing to his empty glass. "Go get me another beer," he ordered.

 Kirk frowned at him. "Why don't you get it yourself?" he demanded.

 "I'm busy." James nodded across the table at the band's drummer. "I'm talking to Lars."

 Kirk sighed and rolled his eyes, but grabbed his own glass and James' and marched grudgingly towards the bar.

 "So what're you panning for the rest of the night?" James questioned, not looking at Lars, but rather at Kirk's ass as the pretty guitarist walked away.

 "Dunno. Guess I gotta go find some ass," Lars murmured, surveying the various musicians and groupies out on the dance floor.

 "You have fun with that." James licked his lips, watching as Kirk headed back towards them, his curls bouncing, his tight shirt riding up to show off a bit of his flat stomach. "I already got a nice piece of ass."

 Lars frowned, holding his tongue as Kirk rejoined them.

 "Here you go, master," Kirk snapped, setting a full glass down in front of James and taking a seat beside the blonde singer.

 James grinned. "Master, I like that! You should call me that more, babe."

 "Don't call me babe," Kirk growled. "I'm not a fucking girl, I don't want to be treated like one!"

 "If you were a girl, I sure as hell wouldn't fuckin' want ya." James set his hand on Kirk's thigh, grinning lustfully at the smaller man. "We should get out of here so Lars can hook up with some nice ass. Let's get to bed."

 "Well I'm tired, so I'm ready to go if you are," Kirk stated with a shrug.

 "Perfect." James stood, pulling Kirk up with him. "Night Lars. Good luck."

 "Night," Kirk told him with a smile.

 "Night guys," Lars muttered, sighing as he watched James lead Kirk away. As much as he loved James, who was one of his best friends in the world, he didn't like the way the singer treated Kirk. Kirk was far more than a hot piece of ass; he was an intelligent, funny, all-around great guy. He was a great person to hang out with, especially one on one. He and Lars always had a great time when they were together and James was elsewhere. They joked, they laughed, they talked, and they bonded.

 Unfortunately for Lars, it was becoming more than friendship; he cared about Kirk, a lot. Naturally he wanted to sleep with Kirk; with the guitarist's good looks, who wouldn't? But it was so much more than that; he wanted to kiss Kirk, wanted to hold him, wanted to whisper pretty nothings in his ear. And he wouldn't try to change Kirk like James constantly did, he liked Kirk just the way he was.

 Kirk had never shown any interest in him, though, at least nothing beyond friendship. And even if the man was a jackass sometimes, Lars didn't want to lose James by pursuing his man. He sighed, finishing his beer in one gulp and gazing out at the selection of easy meat again, figuring he'd just drown his woes in mindless sex, like usual.

 Meanwhile, James was sitting in bed, waiting impatiently. "Can't you fucking hurry up?" he snapped.

 Kirk, whose mouth was filled with toothpaste, stuck his head out of the bathroom to glare at James and shake his head, then disappeared again.

 "Always making me fuckin' wait," James muttered, smiling when Kirk finally emerged from the bathroom. "About damn time!"

 "Sorry." Kirk climbed onto his side of the bed, sliding under the covers. He turned away from James, settling his curly head down on the pillow and closing his eyes. "Night."

 "What the hell are you doing?" James grabbed the smaller man's shoulder, rolling him so they were face to face.

 "Going to sleep. I told you, I'm tired," Kirk replied.

 "You can get plenty of sleep, after you do your duty to me," James growled.

 " ‘Do my duty'?" Kirk gave the singer a disgusted look. "I'm not your fucking slave James, I'm not obligated to have sex with you every single night."

 "Well I'm fucking horny, and you're gonna tonight," James told him.

 "Not tonight," Kirk replied, trying to turn away.

 "Don't you turn away from me." James pulled Kirk back towards him, grabbing the bedcovers and tossing them down to the end of the bed. "Fuck, what are you wearing?" he demanded.

 Kirk sighed. "Underwear, James. Do you want me to take them off, master?" he mocked.

 "Those aren't the ones I gave you." James frowned at the black briefs covering Kirk's hips and groin.

 "I'm not wearing fucking girls' underwear!" Kirk snapped.

 "They aren't for girls, they're men's thongs. They're fucking sexy, and they're not half as covering as those nasty things you've got on," James growled. "I want you to wear them!"

 "Have you ever put one of those things on?" Kirk retorted. "It's about as comfortable as stapling your ears to your head!"

 "You're gonna wear ‘em if I have to throw out every other fuckin' pair you own," James told his lover.

 "I'd go without before I'd wear panties designed for a girl," Kirk shot back.

 "I'm not arguing about this any more, you're gonna fucking wear them," James muttered. "Now take those things the fuck off and get your ass over here."

 "Do you never fucking hear me? Are you that god damn dense?" Kirk exploded, glaring at his lover. "I SAID, I'm tired, and I don't wanna fuck!"

 James snorted. "You won't be saying that in a minute." He yanked Kirk under him, pressing his lips against the smaller man's neck.

 "James!" Kirk scowled, trying to push the singer's bulk off him. He groaned as James nipped at the sensitive place between his neck and shoulder. "Fuck. Cut it out."

 "I will, in about - " James glanced at the clock. "Well I'll go easy on you, let's say 20 minutes!"

 "James, I really wanna sleep!" Kirk protested.

 "You'll need to when I'm through with you." James grinned to himself. Fortunately for him, he knew all the tricks to get Kirk hot and horny, whether he wanted to be or not. The briefs were quickly tossed away, and James went to work, ignoring the lovely guitarist's protests. A few licks to the sensitive skin on his hip, so well mapped out by that flame tatoo, and a bit of tonguing around his navel always made Kirk writhe. A little attention in those sensitive places, and he was always more than ready to take James' cock.

 James knew from experience when his lover was ready. While still running his mouth over Kirk's abdomen, he slipped a finger into the pretty brunette, chucking when Kirk arched his hips and moaned. A little bit of stretching, and a tiny bit of teasing to Kirk's cock to get him extra hot, and James was ready to sink his cock into his lover's always tight ass. He slid up the bed, placing his hands on Kirk's ass cheeks to guide himself in as he captured his lover's mouth in a passionate kiss.

 Kirk moaned, wrapping his arms around James' neck and kissing him back eagerly. "Damn you," he muttered, arching his hips as James thrust into him. "Oh god."

 "Yeah baby?" James chuckled, cutting off any response Kirk might have given with another kiss. They moved together for several minutes, silent except for their little moans and the sound of their bodies coming together. When he felt about ready to come, James aimed his thrusts for Kirk's sweet spot, grinning when he hit it and his lover instantly reacted. Kirk bit his lip, his dark head pressing back into the pillow as his body arched, seeking release. James moved his hand down to his lover's cock, stroking him in time with his thrusts and hitting his sweet spot over and over. Kirk let out a little cry as he came, his body tensing as he basked in his orgasm. James threw his head back, letting out a roar as he pumped into Kirk, coming shortly after his lover.

 James hesitated a moment, letting the last traces of his orgasm fade, then sighed happily and rolled back onto his side of the bed. "See how fucking great that was?" he chuckled, glancing at Kirk, who was still panting.

 Kirk glared at him, climbing angrily to his feet. "I fucking told you not tonight! God you're such a fucking asshole. And now I've gotta take a fucking shower, and I'm even more fucking exhausted!" He stomped to the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

 James just chuckled, pulling the covers back onto the bed and stretching out. "For someone who freaks out over ‘girl' panties, he sure as hell acts like the fucking girl sometimes," he muttered, yawning and closing his eyes.

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