Trish Fic

Beware of Dressing Rooms
Rating: R
Content: f/f slash
Characters: Trish and Chyna
Summery: These two fashionable ladies have fun while shopping

Confressionals (series)
Rating: varies
Content: m/m and f/f slash, language
Characters: Kurt Angle, varying others
Summery: In this series of short stories, Kurt Angle is an ordained minister, and he hears the confessions of all the naughty boys and girls of the WWF, as well as acting like a councilor for them.

Rating: R
Content: f/f slash, implied m/m slash, domestic violence, attempted rape, language
Characters: mystery
Summery: An abusive relationship comes to a head
Author's Note: This takes place after the four-way women's title match from October or November 2000. Ivory had just won the belt, and T&A were still together.

Thank You, Thank You
Rating: PG13
Content: f/f slash, some coarse language
Characters: Trish, Victoria, Scott Steiner
Summery: Trish has a big thank you to say on Thanksgiving, but it's not for what you'd think!

Rating: NC-17
Content: f/f slash
Characters: Trish, Molly
Summery: Sometimes, the most unexpected things happen...

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