"No, Bayley!"

 "Dickinson sounds better! Blaze Dickinson. Doesn't that sound lovely?"

 "Bruce Bayley sounds better."

 "It does not! I like my last name."

 "Well I like mine too. Besides, a lot of people recognize my name. I can't go changing it."

 "You wouldn't for me?"

 "I don't see you changing yours either!"

 "That's 'cos mine is better!"

 "Oh come on! It's not even your real name, Bayley Cook!"

 "You're one to talk, Paul!"

 "Going by a middle name is perfectly acceptable!"


 The two men stood glaring at each other, both with their hands on their hips. "Bruce..." Blaze began.

 Bruce just sighed. "This is stupid. We should just keep our names. Most people don't change their names anyway."

 "Yeah, I guess." Blaze just shrugged, crossing his arms over his chest.

 "Don't look so down." Bruce wrapped his arms around his lover's waist, pulling the younger man against him. "Now we just have to decide which of our songs to play at the wedding."

 Blaze laughed, a grin spreading across his face. He wrapped his arms around Bruce's neck. "I don't think many of them would be appropriate. What were you thinking of? How about 'When Two Worlds Collide', or maybe 'Road to Hell'?"

 Bruce chuckled, rolling his eyes. "Yeah sure. Maybe we should just write something special for the occasion. But," he leaned in close to Blaze, meeting his lips in a passionate kiss, "we can talk about that later," he breathed, backing his lover up towards the bed.

 "Well ok, but if you think you're gonna get out of singing 'Dive Dive Dive' on the honeymoon, you're crazy," Blaze told him. Bruce just laughed.


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