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The boys and girls of the WWE come up with slashy phrases and quotes just about every show. Here is a collection of some of my favorite slash quotes!
Remember, slash quotes are always better viewed with a dirty mind! 

Last updated: 15/7/07

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New Quotes:

Kennedy: I want him.
Long: You want who?
K: He wants to interfere in my matches, I want him.
L: Ok, who do you want?
K: Hornswoggle.
L: Hornswoggle?
K: He wants to interfere in my matches, he can have me.
L: You want Hornswoggle?
K: That’s right.
-SD 4/6/07

“Cena caught Edge in the FU position” – JR, RAW 2/26/07

“Orton wants Edge, & apparently Edge wants Orton.”

“The rabid wolverine will get into your backside, you better be on your best” – HBK, RAW 3/19/07

“Very good Punky” – Edge to Punk, RAW 3/26/07

“Worst prom couple ever” – Shane McMahon about Khali and Umaga, RAW 5/28/07

“This is the opening that Batista can squeeze through” – Cole, during Batista/MVP match, SD 6/8/07

“For months we’ve seen Robert Roode take advantage of Eric Young” – Don West, Impact 4/26/07

“Kinda like our chest hair – we match!” – Christian to AJ, Impact 5/3/07

“The thing is, I’ve worked it out. My man’s gonna go over. I put Sonjay & black Machismo in a little 3-way!” – Kevin Nash
“Woah! 3-way” – Jay Lethal/Black Machismo

“MVP has a date with the US champion, Chris Benoit” – Michael Cole, SD 4/27/07

“You used me…for your own personal goals.” – Elijah Burke to CM Punk, ECW 5/1/07

“CM Punk wants Elijah Burke” – Joey Styles, ECW 5/1/07

“I came to ECW to dominate, especially Bobby Lashley” – Marcus Cor Von, ECW 5/8/07

“Stevie looks good, ah? He’s all ripped up and oiled up, look at him” – Tazz, ECW 5/15/07

“Stevie Richards looking good; CM Punk gasping for air” – Tazz, ECW 5/15/07

"Very difficult to prepare for as well, when it comes to mounting..." Teney about Shelley, No Surrender 05

"Some people might wanna eat him. I don't roll that way" - Tazz, about Matt Stiker, ECW 1/30/07

"Check out that smile. That's what I'm talking about" - Vince about Burke, ECW 1/30/07

"Carlito trying to slip in the back door there, and the Game too smart for that" - JR, RAW 10-3-05

"I thought I found my soulmate in you" - Eddie to Batista, SD 10-7-05

"Yum yum, come get him some" - JBL on Edge, Sd 10-21-05

"I'm not asking for it; I'm demanding it!" Randy to Cena, RAW 2-5-07

"Michaels, Orton, Edge, they'll all get it on, it'll be live!" - JR, RAW 2-5-07

"They're gonna take turns on Cena." - JR, about Edge and MNM, RAW 3-5-07

"Putting that video tape together, some of Shawn Michael's indiscretions, shall we say, over the years." - JR, RAW 2-26-07

"I'll take one on the back for you." - Eddie to Batista, SD 10-28-05

Batista: "I got a little surprise for you"
Eddie: "A surprise? No, hombres, no no no, I'm married, I can't do that!"
Batista: "Close your eyes..."
SD 10-28-05

"During the break Bobby Lashley was all over Randy Orton" - Tazz, ECW 3-13-07

"We've been more than friends" - Christian about Rhino, TNA

"I shared everything with you. I shared the last 10 years with you" - Rhino to Christian, TNA

"And suddenly Rated RKO, who know every trick in the book, are dominating Batista" - Michael Cole, SD 2-16-07

Vince: "So what exactly are you saying to my proposal?"
Bobby Lashley: "!"
(Vince slaps him)
Vince: "Nobody says no to me! Not you, nobody! Nobody says no to Vince McMahon!"

And later that night...
Vince (to production assistant): "Nobody says no to me. Not Lashley, nobody says no to me."
Mr. Kennedy: "I want him. I want him. I want him tonight. I. Want. Him.
Vince: You want who?
Kennedy: I want Bobby Lashley. I want Bobby Lashley, and I want him tonight. Please give me Bobby Lashley. Please give him to me. I'm begging you, please."
Vince: Wait a minute, wait. You don't have to beg me. You got him!
SD 3-2-07

"There's a lot of double teamin' going on" - Jibbs, Wrestling Society X, episode 5

"John Cena & Shawn Michaels have not taken their eyes off each other" - JR, RAW 3-12-07

"Your brother Jeff knows him pretty well, and he really wants to meet cha" - Edge to Matt, about the Great Khali, SD 3-30-07

"The Great Khali pounding Matt Hardy before being interrupted" - JBL, SD 3-30-07

Quotes from Wresters:

Commentators  Billy & Chuck  Edge & Christian  HHH  John Cena  Kurt Angle  Mick Foley   Rock  Vince McMahon  Various Others 

Billy & Chuck

"I've had a lot of partners, great partners, but none as great as Chuck!" - Billy Gunn, SD 2/18/02

“I guess we’re gonna have a little date tonight. And Al, don’t be late. (air kiss)” - Chuck to Al
Snow, SD 4/11/02

"What do you think the people mean when they say (singing) You suck, you suck,  you suck, you suck" - Chuck to Kurt

"If you haven't noticed, we've been kinda busy" – Billy, while sitting by Road Dogg

Edge & Christian

"Well, I've never technically been *in* Christian" - Edge

"That's the last time I suck that paincicle!" - Edge

“It’s a date” -Edge to Kurt, SD 4/11/01

"The Hardyz just don't measure up" - Edge


"I'm bi a lot of things, but lingual isn't one of them" - HHH

"Tonight I need you to lay down for Jericho" - HHH to Billy Gunn

"Jericho is gonna screw me for sure!" - HHH

"Shane's not quite the guy I had in mind to smooch with" - HHH

"Kane, give me back my belt!" - HHH

"I need you tonight" - HHH to stagehand

"I'd like to offer my services as an anniversary gift" - Benoit to HHH
"You're a machine" - HHH

"Get on him, Rikishi, get on him!" – HHH

"You gotta get into this! You gotta want this!" HHH advising Shane McMahon

"I want Jericho's ass!" HHH

"Kurt Angle, at the Royal Rumble, you will receive my undivided attention" – HHH

"X-Pac, we're together. We can do this" – HHH

"Jericho screwed me. I got screwed Monday again, and I want Jericho. I want his ass." – HHH

"The world wasn't the only thing we were on top of last Monday night" - HHH, about himself and DX

"Easy, tough guy. I know you're all man and three yards long" - HHH to Billy Gunn, SD 11/11/99

"You screwed with the wrong guy...I've waited 4 days, I'm not waiting any longer!...Kurt Angle, come out and play" - HHH, RAW 2/4/02

"While my wife might be his manager, after tonight, Kurt Angle's gonna be my bitch!" - HHH
"I love when you talk dirty" - Mick Foley

John Cena

"You can’t erase me. I’m gonna make you taste me" - John Cena, to Brock SD 2/27/03

"I'm not nervous 'cos you got this weird fetish with butts
I'm scared because your favorite food is sausage and nuts
you can't handle the truth Billy
you'd rather feel up Chuck
you don't wanna wrestle with me
all you want is to ***"
- Cena's freestyle, SD 7/3/03

Kurt Angle

"I want Austin, and I want him Monday night!" - Kurt Angle

"Last night I had Kane, tonight I have the Rock" - Kurt Angle

"This is the guy and his friend, who won the contest, and they're gonna spend the night with me" - Kurt

From SD 9/19/02, cutting a promo against B&C:
"I generated a little publicity of my own back in 1996 in Atlanta; and you wanna know how? Well I certainly didn't try and make out with Carl Louis (?), I can assure you of that!"
"If you're trying to imply that I'm gay, well I'm not! I don't have a problem with gays; as a matter of fact, gay people love me! Everybody loves me! I'm freakin' adorable!"
"Why don't you meet me in the ring tonight, and we'll see which one of us sucks!"
"Steph, that's a hard one to swallow."
"I'm gonna be the one to climb on top of either Billy or Chuck for the 1-2-3"
"I'm gonna be the one to throw your legs up over your head for the pinfall"

From the wedding episode, SD 9/12/02, cutting a promo against Rey:
"You're a boy in a man's world, and I'm a man who LOVES to play with boys!"
"You're a boy, and I'm a man, and tonight I'm gonna LOVE to manhandle you!"
"You're a boy, and I'm a man, and when you and I get together here tonight, I'm gonna get on top of you, and - "

From SD 11/01/01, segment with Steve Austin:
Austin: "Champ to champ, I love you! I've had my eye on your for a long time...I love you."
Kurt: "You - you love me?"
Austin: "Yeah. Hey, I got something for you"
(Kurt gets an unsure look on his face and takes a step back)
Austin: "No, hey, lighten up..." (Austin gives Kurt an Austin 3:16 Kurt his medals back)
Kurt: "They're my medals!"
Austin: "You know how long it took to fish these out of the Detroit river? I got 'em for you!"
Kurt: (grinning) "Oh my god! Stone Cold.."
Austin: "Did I tell you I love you or what? Put 'em on."...
Kurt: "This is so great! This is the happiest day of my life!.. I look good, huh?"
Austin: "Damn right you do."
(Kurt hugs Austin)
Kurt: "Thank you. I love you too."

Mick Foley

"My friend Al Snow is gonna rock Tazz's world" - Mick Foley

"It's Kurt Angle, screwing the Undertaker, screwing the Rock, ect, ect, ect" – Foley, SD 11/30/00

"As good as you are, as much as I want you, I do not need you!" - Foley to HHH

"I am not going to make you my wife" - Foley to Angle

"From behind, time and time again, as hard as you could, you brought it down upon the Rock. And then when he lays helpless, once again, the crippler crossface as your little buddy lays in some  boots" – Foley to Benoit

The Rock

"For some particular reason, your breath smells like struddle" - Rock to Austin

"Let's talk about something that everybody enjoys" - Rock

"You don't like that struddel, do you?" - Rock to Shawn Stasiak

"You're not that good" - Rock to Jericho

"Booker and Shane won't be using that noodle; they're probably thinkin' of the people's struddle" - Rock, singing his take of 'Great Ball of Fire', SD 9/20/02

“You come down and take advantage of the weakened Rock. PLEASE, take advantage of the weakened Rock!” – Rock to Hogan, SD 3/7/02

"Climb a tree, scratch an itch, make Hulk Hogan the Rock’s little bitch" - Rock, SD 2/20/03

"Prove to the Rock that you're that damn good" - Rock to HHH, 9/28/00

Rock to Booker:
"Professor Rock taught you...Advanced Rock Bottom 407"
"Maybe the Rock can make you feel a little bit better"
"You're still a fantastic athlete, you still have a great body"
"You know the move that you do better than anyone else"

Vince McMahon

"Come on Shane-o, let's do it!" - Vince

"Just how good are you, HHH? I guess we're about to find out" - Vince

"I’ve got big plans for Austin tonight" - Vince

"The Undertaker took me...he took in the Last Ride" - Vince

"I was violated! They would never dare take liberties with me like they did if they hadn't been protected!" - Vince

"You wanted Hogan as badly as I did" - Vince to Piper, SD 5/22/03


Various Others

(in roughly alphabetical order)

"You are such a big fan of the people's struddle" - Al to Michael Cole

"You're the man I've been looking for" - Al Snow to Steve Blackman

"We've been eating together, sleeping together; we've been partners through and though" - Al about himself and Coach, Heat 9/14/03

"Tommy Dreamer giving Rico a stiff one" - Al Snow, Heat 1/18/04

"You've never said no to anything" - Austin to HBK, RAW 2/2/04

"We're not *together*, but he does have nice hair" - Austin about HHH

"Your knees are shaking...your chest's quivering because you're're afraid of I gonna lock up with you?...I'll be all over you like a cheap suit...when I start pounding you, you're gonna beg me to stop, and I won't." - Austin to Scotty, SD 8/16/01

"That's where Stone Cold's gonna be waiting on your little friends, and when they get there, they're gonna say hello to my little friend!"
- Austin to Scott Hall (about Nash and Hogan), the infamous SD on which Austin kidnapped and duct taped Hall, 2/18/02

"Honestly, Christian, I'd love to give it to you" - Batista, SD 8/11/05

"You have no idea what I wanna do to you right now" - Benoit to HBK, RAW 2/16/04

"I been checkin' you out lately...just wanted to let you know that" - Booker to Michael Cole, SD 12/2/05

"I've seen things I thought I'd never see, like...Jericho's outfit! Boy, you're flaming!" - Booker T, RAW 10th Anniverary Special

"I don't want it backstage;
I don't want it in the parking lot;
I want it right here, right now, in this ring!" - Booker

"Your ass belongs to me!" - Booker to Tajiri

"I think Faarooq's hungry, 'cos I think he's fixing to eat Crash" - Bradshaw

"Nothing has ever felt so good as last Monday night." - Buh Buh  Dudley

"Why don't we get it on tonight" - Goldberg to Steiner, RAW 1/12/04

"You know how long we’ve been together..." - Grand Master Sexay to Scotty

"I know you like them big" - Grand Master Sexay to Blackman

"I'm just the guy to give it ya" - Hardcore Holly to Sylvan, SD 9/23/05

"The only title you should have is something out of an adult magazine!" - Ivory to Trish, SD 11/2/00

“You have used your position to try to screw me. Well screw you!” - JBL to Teddy Long, SD 2/3/05

"I need you, ok?"
"This is where I need you, Orlando"
"Tonight, I've got to have you"
"I need you for longer than 25 1/2 seconds!"
"I suggest you get your kneepads on now, because I need you!"
-JBL, SD 8/25/05

"Well you did give me the Rock bottom Monday night" - Jericho to Rock

"Why don't you get your trolls out, so we can get funky in here" – Mosh to Godfather

“Just saying the name Chris Benoit puts a huge smile on his face and he gets a little twinkle in his eye.” - Nidia about Jaime Noble, from the Sun

"You want him you got him." - Regal, promising Tajiri to Austin

"I've got far more important things to do than to mess around with you" - Regal to X-Pac

"Why don't you make your way down to the ring, so me & you can go at it" - Rey to Eddie, SD 8/4/05 

"Booker T and Michaels are hot man, they're ready" - Ric Flair (to HHH and Jericho)

"I prefer it hardcore" - RVD

“While Hollywood might be too nice of a guy to take advantage of your while you’re crippled, Scott Hall’s not” – Scott Hall to Rock, SD 3/7/02

"I have been dominating here in the World Wrestling Federation!" - Shane O'mac

“It’s a credit to what a stud Kurt is” - Shane, Confidential 10/12/02

"You need to get with Kurt!" - Shane to HHH, SD 8/3/00

"If you go back to the WWF, you'll get screwed over, and over, and over again!" - Shane to Rock

"Video tape is not satisfying me enough" - Shane, SD 8/16/01

"Why don't we do it right now?" - Spike to Kurt, 5/24/01

"Trish, it's no secret that you are a bitch, but tonight, you are going to be MY bitch!" - Stephanie

"If you keep your mouth shut, I'll do whatever you want" - Steve Blackman to GMS, SD 3/15/01

"Undertaker, come out here and get some!" - Steven Richards

"He's my lover and I need him right now" - Test about Albert

"Look at Christian. He's a hell of a guy, with a hell of a body." - Test, SD 11/29/01

Quotes from Commentators:

Coach  JR  Jerry Lawler  Michael Cole  Paul Heyman  Tazz  Various Others  Lines from 


"Matt Hardy clearly the agressor here tonight" - Coach about Booker and Matt, RAW 2/2/04

"I didn't think those two guys could do it. I didn't think they could go for 60 minutes!" - Coach about Rock/HHH

"Jericho is on fire! He's dominating DX!" – Coach

"Just like that, Jacqueline got back on top" - Coach, Heat 4/20/03 (while Jackie was wrestling Molly)

"Al Snow, it's always a special night for him whenever he gets to team up with Maven. He used to like Chris Nowinski" Coach, Heat 4/20/03

"Hopefully these two won't be going out together tonight, 'cos no ladies will get any action!" - Coach, Jakked 3/17/01


"Benoit has what Shawn wants" - JR, RAW 2/2/04

"Orton rubbing his pretty little head out there" - JR, RAW 2/9/04

"Bradshaw hammering on Albert, but Albert said bring it harder!" - JR

"Austin and Angle get it on right here." - JR

"Austin mounting Tazz!" - JR

"Booker T is now on top of the Undertaker" - JR

"After mauling his brother, Matt moves back in the ring" - JR

"It's all about those brass knucks and Regal taking liberties" - JR, talking about the abuse of ref Charles Robinson, RAW 1/13/03

"You know one thing about Austin, he's a very kinky son of a gun" - JR, SD 11/8/01

"To say that Storm & Awesome are gonna go down for E&C, I cannot say that" - JR, SD 7/19/01

"See, he's not afraid to get wood" - JR about Steven Richards

"Trish just mounted Victoria" - JR, RAW 9/30/02

"Billy, a seven time champion, has yet to reach the promised land with Chuck" - JR, RAW 2/18/02

"Cena's gotta stay off his back, obviously" - JR

Jerry "the King" Lawler

"You know what Shane would love to do to HHH right now" - Lawler
"I know what he'd love to do to him" - Cole

"Boy look at HHH, he's having his way with Shane!" - Lawler

"Big Show can’t wait to get his hands on Triple H" – Jerry Lawler

"He's hot" - Lawler, about Kurt

"Edge is just trying to impress Rob Van Dam -  I mean Rob Zombie." - Lawler, SD 2/7/02

"That may be the biggest sword I've ever seen on a man!" - Lawler, about Big Show

"Tonight, he may be smoking the big cigar, JR" - King, about RVD, RAW 11/25/02

"He went for Raven's raisons!" King about Hardcore Holly

"It was a setup; the Hardyz and Lita just wanted to jump on Dean" – King

"Look at the size of those grapefruits bouncing" – King

"You know that X-Pac does not suck!" – King

"X-Pac, from behind!" – King

"I'm not gonna be Al Snow's partner, but I am gonna be your partner" - King to MC, SD 11/2/00

"I think he drunk Steven Richards' coolaid" - King about Godfather, SD 7/27/00

"How would Edge know? He's always unconscious, laying no his back" - King, RAW 2/4/02

"Booker got laid down then laid on" - King, RAW 9/30/02

Michael Cole

"This entrance sort of rivals Melina's, doesn't it?" Michael Cole, about The Dicks, SD 12/30/05

"He was hot, to say the least" - Michael Cole about Rock

"What is your relationship with Tajiri?" - Michael Cole to Regal

"Rock and Jericho exploded right out here in the middle of the ring" - Michale Cole

"Kurt Angle is being worn out by the Big Red Machine!" - MC

"They can't wait 'til Monday, they're going at it tonight!" - MC

"Kat giving Ivory some!" - Michael Cole

"HHH is giving it to Y2J" - Michael Cole

“Bradshaw quickly on top of Billy Gunn” - Cole (SD 2/14/02)

“He’s rubbing it into the face of Scotty” - MC, about Albert, SD 4/11/02

“His former lo - running buddy, Scotty” - MC, about Albert, SD 4/11/02

“These two young stallions going at it” - MC, about Edge and CJ, SD 4/11/02

"X-Pac, goin' for a ride!" – Michael Cole

"After that move, Bull's no longer a Bull" – Michael Cole

"I'm sure HHH wants to get together with X-Pac" – Michael Cole

"There's a DX sandwich and the bread is the Big Show" - Michael Cole

"Jericho and Malenko going at it" – Michael Cole

"Benoit may kick butt, but E&C kiss it" – Michael Cole

"Edge is rocking Jericho tonight" - MC

"Jericho tied up..." - MC

"Angle wants Cena in a bad way" - MC, SD 8/7/02

"It's put up or shut up time for Booker T" - MC, SD 8/16/01

"Rikishi unloads on Lance Storm!" - MC, SD 12/20/01

"Don't forget the relationship Eddie and Benoit have had in the past" - MC, SD 11/14/02

“Rey Mysterio between the legs of Doug Basham” – Michael Cole, SD 1/13/05

“Will these two men get it on in the Royal Rumble match? That’s almost a guarantee!” – Michael Cole, about Rock & Big Show, SD 1/20/00

"Got screwed, of course, last month in Reno" - Michael Cole, about Benoit, SD 11/25/05

"Benoit is very good at getting off his back" - Michael Cole, SD Special 11/29/05

"Sylvan, note to self, it's not wise to mess around with Hardcore Holly!" - Michael Cole, SD 9/1/05

"William Regal had his eye on him for a while" - Michael Cole, about Paul Burchill, SD 9/1/05

"Christian & Booker T becoming strange bedfellows" - Michael Cole, SD 8/25/05

"Hardcore measuring his man" - Michael Cole, SD 9/23/05

"You gotta play rough & physical with Chris Benoit" - Michael Cole, SD 12/9/05

"Booker T is in absolute control of Chris Benoit" - Michael Cole, SD 12/9/05

Paul Heyman

"The Undertaker and Booker T about to get it on live" - Paul Heyman

"He nailed Rock from behind!" - Heyman

"Rock and Jericho are at it again!" - Paul Heyman

"Jericho does not have Rhyno's number!" - Heyman, SD 8/16/01


"He's a good looking guy. If I was a chick, I'd date him." - Tazz about Kurt Angle

"I love Test, I think he's a stud" - Tazz

"Rob Van Dam is a stud" - Tazz

"Edge's been really hot" - Tazz

"Jerry Lynn's sexy. Don't you think Jerry Lynn's sexy?" - Tazz

“Tajiri’s a stud, you know that” - Tazz, SD 4/11/02

“The Hurricane can top Tajiri” - Tazz, SD 4/11/02

“I can’t deal with this!” - Tazz, after being forced to watch Stacy dancing, SD 4/11/02

"Every time he comes through that curtain, and we hear, "You think you know me," arenas come unlued for him. Chicks dig Edge and guys respect him. He's tough, he's got good looks, he's smart - and what the hell, he's got a nice ass! You got a problem with that?" - Tazz, "Tales from the Hook" in WWE magazine, Holiday 2002

"We had sex on the beach." - Michael Cole
"Who had sex on the beach?" - Tazz
"We had" - MC, gesturing to himself and Tazz, Heat 3/17/02

"Well, no bling bling for Cena tonight!" - Tazz, SD 1/30/03

"If Shannon Moore manages to top Benoit, Benoit is defeated" - Tazz, SD 7/10/03

"Mysterio trying to get a rhythm here, and Billy's just not allowing it" - Tazz, SD 9/7/02

"I never see you with girls. I see you with Michael Cole." - Tazz, Velocity 9/20/03

"If you say love again, I'm leaving" - Tazz to Michael Cole, SD 12/9/05

“Booker T & Orlando Jordan have a past” – Tazz, SD 1/20/05

"Nitro's got some 1-on-1 action here tonight" - Tazz, SD 8/25/05

"I think his nipple just went flying" - Tazz, SD 11/25/05

"MNM all over Animal!" - Tazz, SD 9/1/05

"I think he just winked at you, Cole" - Tazz, about Sylvan, SD 9/1/05

"Booker T is having his way here with Christian" - Tazz, SD 9/23/05

"They're gonna just have their way here with Rey Mysterio!" - Tazz, about Big Show & Kane, SD 12/2/05

Various Others

"I need to take you home with me" - Cat to Josh Matthews, Velocity 4/12/03

"I think Pretty Saturn just need some love. Go show him some love, Coach" - Kevin Kelly

"How did Nowinski get to hook up with 3MW?"  - Lita, Heat 4/20/03

"Molly knew she had to be right back on top of Jackie"  - Lita, Heat 4/20/03

"You can see the past history between Gangrel and Christian" – Michael Hayes

"We know that Benoit's an animal" – Michael Hayes

"Van Dam gets it up and takes it in the face" - ECW announcer

Lines from

"Rey Mysterio's impressive outing in the recent SmackDown Battle Royal for the World Heavyweight Championship may be a sign of things to come this Sunday at the Royal Rumble" - Royal Rumble odds 2006

"During the match, Ivory and Jackie got into it, distracting the ref" - RAW report 12/25/00

"Scotty 2 Hotty soon took Albert to the mat and gave him a very special Christmas Worm!" - RAW report 12/25/00

"As the match began, the entire Angle family took seats at ringside to watch Kurt in action! Jericho soon got into it with the entire Angle family!" - RAW report 12/25/00



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