Jacqueline Fic

Celebration - One Hell of a Party
Rating: R
Content: sex and craziness, m/m and f/f slash
Summery: A WWF party gets a little out of hand

Late One Night and All Alone
Rating: R
Content: implied f/f slash, rape
Characters: Linda, Vince and Stephanie McMahon, Jackie, Test
Summery: A shocking occurance is not as simple as it seems

Tuning In: Cheat, Win
Series: Tuning In (#8, I think...not connected to the others)
Rating: PG13
Content: implied f/f slash
Characters: Jackie, Ivory, mentions of others
Summery: A series of taped WWF conversations.

We Get What We Want
Rating: NC17
Content: f/f slash
Characters: Jackie, Ivory, Stephanie
Summery: Two girls hatch a plan to secure their places in the WWF

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