"Matt?" Jeff cleared his throat. His brother was buzzing around the room, spreading out their things and getting settled in for the night.

"What?" Matt questioned without looking at his brother.

Jeff sighed deeply. "Please come sit with me?"

Matt frowned, glancing up at his brother. The melancholy look on Jeff's face was an unfamiliar one, and he was curious, and nervous, to find out what had put it there. "Honey? Are you ok?" The elder Hardy took a seat on the mattress which Jeff was sitting on, taking his brother's hand and squeezing it. "Is something bothering you?"

Jeff just stared down at the floor. "I have something to tell you," he choked out, closing his eyes tightly. "Something bad. I know you're gonna hate me for it."

"Baby, I could never hate you," Matt assured him. "You know you could tell me anything. What is it?"

Jeff kept his eyes closed. "Well, I - I talked to the doctor today - "

"Oh god!" Matt gasped, squeezing Jeff's hand tighter. "Is something wrong? Are you injured? Is it your neck, baby?"

"No, it's not like that." Jeff finally opened his eyes, looking up at his brother guiltily. "It's nothing really serious or permanent. I just - I've got some STD." He took a deep breath. "And it'll go away in a few months if I take some medicine, but we can't have sex until it's gone."

"A what? You're kidding me." Genuine confusion was written across Matt's face. "But how could you - " He broke off as realization dawned on him. He stood up abruptly, dropping Jeff's hand like he had been scalded. "No!"

"I'm so sorry, Matt," Jeff whispered, returning his gaze to the carpet. "I never meant for it to happen. I love you, Matt, I do. I'm so sorry."

"I can't believe it. You cheated on me!" Matt had to turn away from his brother, taking deep breaths to try and keep himself calm. "You betrayed me!"

"Please, Matt, baby, it was an accident!" Jeff tried to explain. "It - it just happened. I never menat to cheat on you, I wouldn't do that. I'm so sorry."

Matt was silent for a moment, his hands clenching into fists. At last, his voice broke the uncomfortable silence. "Who?" he growled menacingly.

Jeff swallowed. "Matt, he didn't mean for it to happen either."

"Who?" Matt demanded.

Jeff hesitated. "Matt, please promise me you won't hurt him. It wasn't his fault."

"Hurt him?" Matt chuckled darkly. "Oh, I won't hurt him. I'll just break both his legs and throw him off the nearest pier!"

Jeff paled. "Please, Matt," he whispered. "None of it was his fault. He didn't know he had anything. He's a real nice, clean guy, but he had a drink at a party with some of the guys, and it must've been spiked, 'cos he woke up the next morning in bed with Austin, and he didn't remember a thing! And you know how Austin gets around like a flee. And when it happened between us, we'd both had too much to drink, and we didn't know what we were doing! That's why it happened and why we forgot to use protection."

"Oh, well that's fine then," Matt growled, his voice dangerously low. "You were pissed when it happened, so it doesn't count as adultery, right?"

"No. It's no excuse, I know. I can't say anything except how sorry I am Matt! I am so, so, so sorry!" Jeff repeated, tears brimming in his eyes as he stared at his brother's tense back.

"You wouldn't have even told me, would you?"

Jeff blinked at the question. "What?"

Matt whirled around, glaring angrily at his brother. "If you hadn't gotten caught, you would never have told me about it! Don't try to deny it!"

Jeff lowered his eyes. "I didn't want to hurt you," he whispered.

"Right, so you went off and got drunk and fucked some guy!" Matt yelled. "Way to go Jeff! Sure didn't hurt me with that! Thanks a lot!"

"Matt - " Jeff sobbed, interrupted by his brother's stinging voice.

"Who, Jeff?" Matt demanded. "Who was it? You'd better tell me if you ever want me to forgive you!"

Jeff swallowed hard, then gave in. "Hogan," he whispered.

Matt stared at his baby brother in disgust. "HOGAN?" he exclaimed. "You let HOGAN fuck you??? Geez, how fucking bad am I in bed?"

"It was a mistake!" Jeff exclaimed. "We didn't - "

Matt rolled his eyes. "I've already heard this bullshit, remember? Well, fuck this, I'm leaving!"

"Matt, don't go!" Jeff leapt up, wrapping his arms around his brother's waist and pressing his cheek against the angry brunette's back. "Please baby. I love you so much, please don't leave me!"

"Well you should've thought of that before you went around fucking infected old men!" Matt snapped harshly. He shoved Jeff away from him, striding quickly to the door. "You'd better be gone when I get back! I can't stand the sight of you right now!" he hissed before disappearing out the door. Jeff gulped, standing frozen for a moment. He took a few deep breaths, then lowered his head, turning to pack up his travel bag.

He was sitting at the bar, his bag cast down by his feet. He had nowhere else to be, so he was killing time, hoping he'd run into someone he could beg shelter from. So far, no luck. He had spotted Adam and Jay, but they were all over each other, and while he was sure they would've let him stay with them, the prospect of having to listen to them screwing in the next bed was not a particularly pleasant one at the moment.

Jeff sighed, swirling around the drink he had ordered. He had been there for several hours already, and he hadn't taken a single sip. Still, for some reason, just having it there in front of him made him feel a little better.

"Jeff? You ok?"

Jeff groaned, continuing to stare down at the bar. The man that voice belonged to was just about the last person he wanted to see at the moment. He just glared at the counter, refusing to look up as the other man settled onto the stool next to him.

"What happened? Are you ok?" the other man repeated.

"Ok? Yeah sure I'm ok," Jeff growled, still glaring at the bar. "I'm only fucking infected, and my lover told me he can't stand the sight of me right now 'cos I cheated on him. And on top of that, I can't make it up to him with sex, like I normally do when I do some stupid boneheaded thing and piss him off, 'cos I can't even have sex for MONTHS thanks to you!"

The older man sighed. "I'm so sorry Jeff. I can't apologize enough to you. I know you probably think that I'm some horrible, lecherous old man - "

"I do!" Jeff snapped. "I hate you! You - you took advantage of me! I was drunk!"

Hogan's brows drew together. "So was I!" he protested

"That's what I'll tell Matt," Jeff rambled on, not paying any attention to the other man. "I'll - I'll tell him you raped me! That you made me do it, and I was lying to him before because you threatened to - to have me fired if I told anyone!"

"That's a lie!" Hogan protested.

"It's not! You took advantage of me!" Jeff cried. "He'll have to believe me! He'll believe me over you! He will!"

Hogan rose to his feet, his face an angry red. "I was feeling sorry for you, but if you're gonna lie about me, then you can go right to hell, brother!" he exclaimed, spinning on his heel and turning away.

Jeff sniffled, swirling his drink around some more. "He took advantage of me," he whispered, sniffling and holding back tears. "He - he must've. Oh, Matt! Matt I love you." He laid his head down on the bar, sniffling like crazy. He jumped when he felt a hand pat his back. His head shot up, his tongue lashing out before he could stop himself. "What do you want?" he snapped.

Rob blinked, pulling his hand off Jeff's back. "Sorry, man, but you looked bad. You ok?"

"Am I ok?" Jeff snorted. "Why is everyone always asking me if I'm fucking ok? Of course I am! I've only been abandoned by the love of my life because some horrible old man took advantage of me and gave me some fucking STD! I'm fucking peachy!"

Rob glanced around in embarrassment, as almost everyone in the bar was staring at Jeff after the younger Hardy's outburst. "Why don't I just help you up to your room," he murmured, helping Jeff to his feet and half carrying the clearly upset Hardy out of the bar.

"Don't have a room," Jeff muttered. "Matt kicked me out. But just go ahead and fuck off, like everyone does when I get in trouble! I'll just go sleep in the gutter."

Rob sighed, hating the prospect of sharing a room with Jeff in this mood, but too much of a good samaritan not to. He dragged Jeff into the elevator, down the hall, and into his room, pushing the younger Hardy onto one of the beds and setting down his bag. He stared in shock when Jeff burst into hysterical laughter.

"What, you gonna fuck me now?" Jeff demanded, crying at the same time as he was laughing. "Be my fucking guest! Go ahead! What good is a fucking STD if you can't share it, right?"

Rob just shook his head. "Geez, how much did you drink, man?" he questioned.

"Drink? Nothing! I didn't have a fucking drop!" Jeff exclaimed. "But it doesn't matter at all, because my love and my heart and my everything is gone! Fucking gone because I'm a fucking stupid moron!"

Rob swallowed, not quite sure what to say. "Look, just get some sleep, ok?" he said at last. "Maybe things'll look better in the morning." He quickly disappeared into the bathroom before Jeff started on another long, bitter tirade.

"God that was great." Matt was grinning, laying back against the pillows in a foreign hotel room. "That was really great."

The pretty blonde laying in bed beside him smiled, brushing a few dark locks out of the older Hardy's face. "I'm so glad you stopped by," he purred. "I told you we'd have fun. Took you long enough to accept my standing offer."

Matt smirked. "I've seen the light at last, Chris. I love Jeff, but you're right, he's no good for me as a lover! And since he apparently thinks he can go around sticking his prick into anything that moves, there's no reason I can't do the same! Can you believe he had the audacity to tell me we couldn't have sex for MONTHS? And all because he had an affair and was too fucking stupid to use a condom! What an idiot!"

"I completely agree," Jericho purred, sidling up to Matt. "Are you tired, baby? 'Cos I'm not."

"I really can't believe him," Matt ranted, seeming to have not heard a word his current bed partner had said. "Who does he think he is! Sleeping around and then lying to me about it, and only admitting it when he absolutely has to, then doing it in a way that makes him look totally innocent! Like I'm going to buy that!"

"Matt," Chris purred, his fingers sliding under the covers, "Forget about him baby. I'm here with you now."

Matt finally seemed to notice his pretty companion, giving Chris a playful smirk. "That you are, baby," he commented, guiding Chris' head under the covers. "You're gonna make me forget about that little slut, aren't you?" Chris murmured his assent from under the bedsheets, unable to speak as his mouth was otherwise occupied. "I still can't believe him," Matt muttered to himself. "If he wants me back, he'd better grovel! That little slut." He closed his eyes, leaning back against the headboard. "Oh yeah baby," he murmured. "Like that Chris. Oh yeah."

Jeff woke with a start. He sat up abruptly, wondering where he was and why Matt wasn't curled up next to him. Then, as all his faculties began to return to him, he remembered the events of the previous evening. He groaned, sinking back onto the bed and pulling the covers over his head. "Fuck," he muttered. "Woulda been nice if that was all an awful dream." He sat up again when he heard a door click, pulling the covers off his head and spotting Rob coming out of the bathroom, his hair freshly washed and a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Morning," Van Dam murmured.

Jeff eyes him suspiciously. "Did we fuck?" he demanded.

Rob stared at him. "What? No! I thought you said you weren't drunk?"

"I wasn't. I just wanted to make sure." Jeff sighed, lying back down. "Well this fucking sucks."

"You're welcome for me letting you stay here," Rob stated rather sharply, feeling very annoyed with the younger Hardy.

Jeff rolled his eyes. "Thanks. Do you want a blow job in return?"

"No!" Rob shook his head, reaching for a brush to comb through his caramel blonde locks. "Geez, what's wrong with you? I thought you were drunk and lying about it last night, but now - "

"Well excuse me if I'm not at my sunniest!" Jeff snapped. "Getting thrown out by the person you love most in the world kinda puts a kink in your day!"

"So what happened?" Rob questioned. "He found out you cheated on him 'cos you got some STD and he threw you out?"

"I wasn't cheating on him!" Jeff snapped. "I was drunk and taken advantage of!"

"Oh really? By who?" Rob questioned. "It wasn't Austin, was it? 'Cos I know he's got something. The moron even gave it to Mr. McMahon!" Rob snickered and shook his head. "Boy is he in the doghouse for that one!"

"It wasn't Austin, thank god," Jeff muttered. "But he gave it to the person who gave it to me. It was that lecherous old bastard, Hogan."

"Terry?" Rob grinned. "Aw, he wouldn't do that on purpose, Jeff. He's a total sweetheart, and a very considerate lover."

Jeff looked disgusted. "Don't tell me you've been with him!" he exclaimed.

"Sure. Why not?" Rob shrugged.

"Because he's old!" Jeff replied, scowling at the pretty caramel blonde. "Why the heck would you be sleeping with him instead of someone like Hunter or Jericho?"

Rob made a face. "Well first off, Jericho's a slut, who I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole, much less my dick! And Hunter - well he's ok, but he's really not my type."

"And Hogan is?" Jeff questioned.

"Oh yeah." Rob nodded enthusiastically. "I knew I had to get with him when he came back to the fed. He's so damn hot!"

"You're insane," Jeff muttered, flopping down onto his back and staring up at the ceiling.

"No," Rob replied, giving his hair a few final strokes, "I just happen to like older men."

"Well that explains it." Jeff made a disgusted face. "I bet you're been with Vince, haven't you?"

"Yep. He was ok. Nothing to brag about, but a decent lay. You better believe we used a condom, though! Anyone who sleeps with Austin is not coming near me without a rubber on," Rob stated.

"What about Flair?"

"Done him," Rob replied.

Jeff made a sick face. "Oh, geez, I bet you fucked Heyman too, didn't you?" He shuddered when Rob nodded. "That is so gross! Ewww." Jeff shuddered.

Rob set down his brush and turned to the younger Hardy, crossing his arms defiantly. "Well I may like older men, but at least I've never had an STD! If you ask me, that's a heck of a lot grosser than sleeping with Vince or Flair or Hogan! Which one do you have, anyway?"

"I don't know," Jeff muttered. "Something with a funky name. As if it even matters! I just have to take this medicine crap they gave me and I should be clean in a few months."

"Well that doesn't sound too bad," Rob mused. "Having a few months away from sex should give you some time to reflect on stuff. Maybe you and Matt can develop a deeper, more spiritual relationship. And just think about how great the sex will seem when you can do it again!"

Jeff snorted, glaring angrily at the caramel blonde. "Have you not listened to a fucking word I've said? Matt left me! He kicked me out! He was pissed as hell that I cheated on him, and he's not going to be with me at all!"

"Aw, he was probably just angry," Rob commented. "Maybe he'll come around. Give him some space for a few days, then try and make things up with him."

"Thanks so much for the advice!" Jeff snapped. "I'm sure you've used it a lot and had it work, right?"

"Hey, I'm just offering you some logical advice," Rob replied, holding his hands up in a gesture of defeat. "If you don't wanna take it, fine. This is your problem, not mine."

"Thanks a fucking lot!" Jeff climbed out of bed and paced angrily to the bathroom, pausing in the doorway to glare at Rob. "I'm going to shower. Feel free to join me if you'd like a fun STD!" he growled, slamming the door closed.

"It's been two days."


"So, that's long enough for him to have cooled down."

Jeff pouted, staring stubbornly at the tv, completely ignoring the other man in the room. "I don't want to talk to him."

Rob snatched the tv remote out of Jeff's hand, turning off the tv. "Well you need to. You love him, right?"

"I guess," Jeff muttered.

Rob rolled his eyes. "You've been complaining constantly about being away from him, you'd better love him! Now get up off your ass and go make up with him!"

"He doesn't want to make up with me!" Jeff whined. "He hasn't said one word to me since he kicked me out. He doesn't want me!"

"That's because you haven't made up with him yet!" Rob exclaimed. "Look, just tell him your sorry, that you love him, and that you really really miss him and need him back."

"I bet he's hooked up with someone," Jeff muttered, glaring off into space angrily. "Why should I apologize to him, anyway? He should apologize to me for being such a bastard!"

Rob growled, wondering how long it would take to forcibly drag Jeff out of the room and to wherever Matt happened to be at the moment. "If you don't want to make up with him, fine!" he exclaimed. "But if you don't at least try, then you can pay for your own damn hotel room and get out of mine."

Jeff blinked up at him, his eyes suddenly rounding. "I can make it up to you," he pouted, going into full puppy dog mode. "I can do whatever you want to pay you back. What you let me stay if I blew you?"

"No!" Rob glared at the younger Hardy. "You've got an STD, you're not coming anywhere near me!"

Jeff rolled his eyes. "You probably couldn't even get it that way!"

"Do you KNOW that?" Rob challenged.

"No, but probably," Jeff returned. He continued pouting, blinking pleadingly at Rob. "Why don't you talk to him for me? Please? If you don't want me to blow you, I'll give you a hand job. Just make him say he's sorry!"

Rob frowned, marching over and grabbing Jeff by his ear, dragging the younger Hardy to his feet. "I'll tell you for the last time Jeff, I don't want any sort of sexual favor from you, period! You don't turn me on in the least, and if I want a hand job I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself! Now you are going to go to your brother's room and grovel for him to take you back, or I'm going to throw you out on your ass! Got it?"

Jeff whimpered, trying to squirm out of Rob's painful grasp. "Rob - " he whined.

"GOT IT?" Rob demanded, digging his nails into Jeff's ear.

"Ok, ok, I got it!" Jeff cried. "Let me go! Ow!"

Rob released his hold, crossing his arms over his chest and looking at Jeff expectantly. Jeff rounded his eyes again, pouting at the older man. "You can't mean NOW - " he whined.

"Yes now!" Rob exclaimed, pointing to the door. "Now get going!" He slapped Jeff's ass and gave him a slight shove as the younger Hardy moved reluctantly towards the door, heaving a deep sigh of relief as Jeff disappeared out into the hall.

"Thank goodness," the caramel blonde murmured, pulling out a magazine and sitting down to read in peace for the first time in two days.


"That bastard," Jeff was muttering. "Who does he think he is? Telling me I have to apologize to Matt! Humph!" He scowled, stopping outside the room he knew Matt was staying in. "I just hope he realizes how - how empty everything is without me! I hope he begs me to come back to him!" Jeff muttered as he raised his hand and knocked. He quickly arranged his face into an expression of contrition as the door opened, blinking suddenly wet puppy dog eyes at his brother. "Matt," he whispered, stopping when he saw the state of undress his brother was currently in - that being a short hotel robe hastily thrown on. His eyes narrowing suspiciously, Jeff kicked the door open, letting out a little cry of indignation when he saw Chris Jericho laying across the hotel bed, butt naked. "You - you bastard!" he gasped.

Matt glared at him. "You fucked around on me Jeff, I have every right to repay the favor! What the hell are you doing here? Didn't I tell you I didn't want to see you any more?"

"I came to make up with you!" Jeff cried, feeling both anger and hurt boiling inside him. "You asshole! You really care about me a lot, don't you? I tell you we can't have sex for a while, and you don't even wait a week before you go out and find some whore!"

"Ah fuck off, Jeff," Chris snapped from the bed. "You're the whore who cheated on him, and you deserve what you get!"

"Shut up!" Matt yelled, shooting an angry look at the pretty blonde. He turned back to Jeff, his brows drawn together in anger. "Look Jeff, I love you, but I just can't be with you right now. Maybe we can get back together, but not right now. I need to be away from you. And stop acting like I'm the bad guy here, 'cos you can't just go whoring around and expect me to be celibate!"

Jeff growled, his hand lashing out and slapping his brother across the face. "You are the fucking bad guy here!" he screamed. "You hate you, you asshole!" With that he turned and fled down the hall, wiping furiously at the tears streaming down his face.

Matt sighed, closing the door and leaning back against it. Chris just rolled his eyes. "Are we gonna fuck or what?" he demanded.

Matt glared at him, grabbing a towel and stomping into the bathroom. "No, we're not!" he snapped, slamming the door hard. Chris groaned, scowling at the head of the bed and giving the nearest pillow a good hard punch.

Meanwhile, Rob was shocked out of his quiet reverie as the door banged open, a distraught Hardy flying into his arms. "Matt!" Jeff sobbed out. "Naked! Whore!"

Rob patted Jeff's back, letting Jeff cry on his shoulder. "Jeff, calm down," he whispered softly. "It's ok. So it didn't go well?"

"It didn't go fucking well at all!" Jeff choked out, taking a deep breath, then sitting up and drying his eyes. "Rob, he - he's already got someone! I told you he would! He's fucking that - that cheap little whore, Jericho! He said he doesn't want me! He - he - oh god, Rob!" Jeff threw himself back into the other man's arms, sniffling against Rob's already soaked shoulder. "Don't throw me out, please Rob, I've got nowhere to go! Please don't leave me all alone!"

Rob sighed internally. "You can stay," he agreed grudgingly. "But I'm sure he'll come around, hon. Just wait. He'll come around."

He had made a mistake. A huge mistake: he had let Jeff Hardy stay in his room for a night. Then, the night had become two. And the two had become three. And the three had become four. And pretty soon, Jeff wasn't even asking him, just lugging his stuff up to Rob's room and acting like he was at home. It had been three weeks since Jeff had taken over every bit of Rob's space, and the caramel blonde was going absolutely crazy. He kept urging Jeff to talk to Matt, but every time he even mentioned the elder Hardy's name, Jeff would burst into tears, claiming that he was still too upset to even think about talking to Matt. So, for three weeks, he had been usurping Rob's room, Rob's time, and anything else he could get a hold of. Rob wanted desperately to kick him to the curb, but he just didn't have the heart to do so.

To top it all off, rumors were flying around the fed that he and Jeff were having an affair, which was the last thing in the world Rob wanted people to think. Unfortunately, when he told people that he was simply sheltering Jeff while Jeff was going through some hard times with Matt, people just snorted and said "Sure, Rob". And, even worse than that, the younger Hardy's presence prevented him from bringing any of his usual bed partners back to his room.

And that wasn't even counting the amount of time Jeff took in the bathroom every morning and night.

Fortunately for Rob, circumstances completely out of his control were about to put his problem to an end.

"Chris!" Matt roared, barging into the hotel room he shared with the pretty blonde.

Chris blinked, gazing nervously at the furious elder Hardy. "You ok Matt?" he questioned.

"No I'm not ok!" Matt yelled, glaring down at him. "Did you maybe forget to mention something?"

"Something?" Chris frowned. "Um, well I took a $20 out of your wallet to tip the room service guy."

"No!" Matt screamed. "Maybe something involving one Stone Cold Steve Austin? Involving you having fucked one Stone Cold Steve Austin?"

Chris tossed his blonde hair over his shoulder flippantly. "Yeah, so what? It was before I got together with you, baby, so why's it matter?"

"So what?" Matt raged. "He's got some fucking STD Chris! He gave it to Hogan, who gave it to Jeff, and apparently, he gave it to you, and you gave it to me!"

Chris scowled. "But - "

"But nothing!" Matt snapped. "I've just been to the doctor, and I've got the same damn thing Jeff has! God, I can't believe this!"

"You don't know it was from me," Chris pouted.

Matt growled, leaning over the edge of the bed and glaring right into Chris' eyes. "Yes I DO, Chris, 'cos I haven't fucked anyone else! You gave me a fucking STD you whore!"

"Hey!" Chris cried, jumping to his feet. "I don't have to put up with you talking to me that way!"

"You are a whore!" Matt screamed. "God am I stupid! I knew you were a slut, and I didn't even use a fucking condom!"

"I hate condoms," Chris pouted. "It doesn't feel as good with one!"

"Well I won't have to worry about it anymore!" Matt snapped, grabbing a few of his things from around the room and shoving them into his bag. "I'm leaving, and I don't ever want to fucking touch you again!"

"Do that then!" Chris replied, glaring at the older Hardy. "Like I care! You weren't even a very good lay!"

Matt rolled his eyes. "I am a fucking good lay, and you know it! But you can forget about ever feeling my cock again, you dirty whore!"

"So what are you gonna do?" Chris mocked. "Go running back to that skank of a brother you've got?"

Matt slung his bag over his shoulder, refusing to look at Chris as he stalked over to the door. "I've been a fucking blind idiot, but you've opened my eyes, Chris. I'm going back where I belong, and you're never going to look at me again!"

"And you think he'll just take you back?" Chris mocked. "Ha! Good luck. Everyone knows he's fucking Rob Van Dam!"

Matt's face darkened. "Well if I have to kick RVD's ass, then so be it, but Jeff is mine, and now that I want him back, he's coming back! Thanks so much for making me see the light, Chris."

"Aren't you gonna thank me for all the times I sucked your cock?" Chris yelled after the elder Hardy as Matt walked part way out the door.

Matt paused to give the blonde one final glare, then spun on his heel and left the room.

Jeff glanced at the note in his hand. It read simply "Meet me in room 363 - Matt". He was standing in front of that room, having packed up his bag and bid goodbye to Rob the second he had found the note stuffed into his bag. He took a deep breath, then knocked on the door. Matt pulled it open, smiling and taking Jeff's arm, guiding his brother into the room. He took Jeff's bag and set it on a chair, leading his brother over to the bed. They both sat on the mattress, Matt taking Jeff's hand and holding it, his thumb stroking the back of Jeff's hand.

"Jeff, baby, I'm really sorry about how I've been acting," Matt whispered. "I was being an ass. I had no right to treat you the way I did. I've been away from you for weeks, and I've been missing you like crazy."

Jeff stayed silent, not sure quite how to take his brother's sudden change of heart. "What about Chris?" he questioned.

Matt shook his head. "Chris was a mistake. I was so wrong to replace you with him, baby. There's no one else for me but you."

"Then - then you forgive me for accidently sleeping with Hogan?" Jeff asked, brightening up already.

"Completely, baby," Matt whispered. "Please tell me you can forgive me for Chris? I was so angry, baby, I didn't know what I was doing. I was stupid and I was wrong. I'm sorry. I love you." He leaned in to kiss Jeff, getting no resistance from his brother.

Jeff was smiling when they drew apart, but his smile quickly faded. "Matt, what about - um - well you know we can't exactly have sex."

"It's ok, baby," Matt cooed. "I don't even mind. I can deal with no sex for a while, as long as I have you." His voice was sugary sweet, his smile wide and warm.

"Oh, Matt, you're so wonderful!" Jeff exclaimed, throwing his arms around Matt's neck. "I love you. Thank you so much! I promise I'll make it all up to you after I'm better!"

"I'll remember that," Matt murmured, holding his brother tightly. He froze momentarily, relaxing when he remembered that he had, in fact, removed the doctor's report from his bag. There was no reason his baby brother needed to know. Smiling, he held Jeff tightly against his chest, already planning out what he could get his brother to do in a few months time.


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