Billy Gunn Fic

About Damn Time II
Rating: PG13 Content: m/m slash, mpreg
Characters: E&C, Billy Gunn, mention of Chuck
Summery: Christian's about to get a new buddy for the rest of his term
Note: Goes along with "About Damn Time" (in E&C fic)

Bitch Fight
Rating: R
Content: language, implied m/m slash
Character: Kurt, Billy Gunn, others
Summery: Kurt Angle doesn't like it when Billy moves in on his territory

Have To, Have To Not
Rating: PG13
Content: implied m/m slash, mpreg
Characters: Billy Gunn, Lance, Justin, Chuck
Summery: Lance'll do anything to get Billy

Just Sign!
Rating: PG13
Content: implied m/m slash
Characters: Hunter, Billy, Chuck
Summery: What's the best way to ruin Billy and Chuck's wedding? Throw in a jealous Game!
Note: My Hunter muse has apparently decided that he's a fem. Just a bit of explanation for this fic!

A Kiss From a Prince
Rating: PG13
Content: very mild m/m slash
Characters: Shane, Billy Gunn, Jerry Lynn
Summery: My own twisted version of a popular fairytale

Rico's Worst Nightmare
Rating: PG
Content: implied m/m slash, humor
Characters: Billy, Chuck, Rico, other
Summery: see title

So What Are You Saying?
Rating: PG
Content: implied m/m slash
Characters: Billy Gunn, Rico, mention of Chuck
Summery: Rico wants answers from his lover
Note: I so love this team, and this is actually only my second foray into writing them! But I loved it, and hope I get inspired for a fic with them again! *huggles her new, super-cute-and-adorable Rico muse*

To Find True Love - A Fairy Tale
Rating: PG
Content: implied m/m slash; it's a fairy tale, there's nothing inappropriate for the kiddies!
Characters: Billy, Chuck, Rico, mention of others
Summery: Billy finds his true love, in AU fairy tale format

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