Hottie Chasing

Series Rating: PG - PG13
Content: Humor, implied m/m slash
Characters: Hardys, Lance Storm, Edge, Christian, Justin Credible, Raven, RVD, and others
Series Summery: Several men chase - and don't catch - their hotties.

Hottie Chasing
Rating: PG13
Characters: Hardys, Lance Storm, Edge, Christian
Summery: Lance is looking for a date, but neither Hardy is biting

You Don't Get Any
Rating: PG
Characters: Jeff, Lance, Justin
Summery: Jeff takes a break from hottie chasing to make some tshirts
Note: Sequel to "Hottie Chasing"

It's Not Fair
Rating: PG13
Characters: Edge, Christian, Matt, Lance
Summery: Lance's world is just not fair!
Note: Hottie Chasing story #3

The Hottie Will Be Mine
Rating: PG13
Characters: Jeff, Raven, Lance
Summery: Jeff's attempt to bed his favorite hottie goes awry
Note: Hottie Chasing story #4

Dates, Love Potions, and Other Disasters
Rating: PG13
Characters: Lance, and you'll see
Summery: At last, Lance has a date!
Note: Hottie Chasing story #5

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